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The Zone Diet







What Is It?


Zone Diet is different from the rest of the diets out there.  It isn’t a low carb high fat diet and it isn’t a calorie controlled diet, nor is it a diet where you can only eat this or that.  The Zone Diet differs from the rest as it works in what they call “blocks.”   Within The Zone Diet you need to work on eating a ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (carbs).  The ratio Is broken up as follows:


  • Carbohydrates = 40%
  • Protein = 30%
  • Fats = 30%

 What Do I Need To Do?


When on The Zone Diet you need to make sure you follow the balance of carbs, fats and proteins to the ratios given above for each and every individual meal.  Due to being allowed so many different food groups, you will never tire of the diet as the food doesn’t have to be repeated every so often.  Sears states that his diet works due to the body’s hormones having an even balance.  He states that his diet does not work on calories consumed it works on the bodies hormones. 


What Are The Difference Between Favorable and Unfavorable Carbs In The Zone Diet?


The key differences between the favorable carbohydrates and the unfavorable carbohydrates are how fast they get released into your system.  Basically foods either have a low or a high glycemic index.  A low glycemic index food is better for you due to the fact that these type of foods do not spike your blood sugar levels as they get released into your body slowly, meaning you will feel fuller for longer.  High glycemic index foods are obviously the opposite of the low ones. High glycemic foods get released into your body rapidly, meaning your blood sugar levels will spike fast.  This will lead to hunger soon after.  Low glycemic index foods include foods such as fresh fruit and veg.  Tinned fruit has added sugars and chemicals, be wary of these.  High glycemic foods that raise your insulin levels rapidly are foods such as white potatoes, rice, bread and pasta along with sugary foods.


Why The Zone Diet?

Many dieters chose to undertake The Zone Diet as Sears doesn’t class it as a diet as such.  He rather we use the term life long eating regime.  Which in a way I can see where he is coming from.  This diet allows you to pretty much eat anything you want.  You are allowed carbs, fats and proteins therefore leaving nothing much, if anything out.  The only thing would be to try and not eat as many unfavorable carbs as you do favorable ones, although they are still allowed.  The Zone Diet is good as you will feel fuller for longer when you eat favorable carbohydrates, your blood sugar levels wont spike, therefore you won’t feel hungry as fast.  You will also have a steady yet reasonably fast weight loss, meaning your weight will stay off.  Not only this, but you can still treat yourself to high fat ice cream says Sears. 


When Can I Eat?

Be sure never to go 4 waking hours without no food.  Basically try and eat a meal within 4 hours of you waking up.  This will kick star your fuel burning machine for the day.  Try and eat every 4 hours to be sure to stay in the zone, so never have a set time to eat every day unless you know you will be getting up at this time and definitely eating at this time.  You will have 3 meals and 2 snacks, one in the afternoon and one at night.  Try and eat a snack not long before bed time too.  This will keep you in the right zone with your hormones perfectly balanced whilst you snore and dream away. 


What Is The Portion Sizes Like?

In The Zone Diet, you have different “blocks” depending upon how hungry you are.  So lets say you were really hungry and wanted something substantial to eat.  You would go for a 4 block dinner.  This will give you plenty of food in order to satisfy your hunger pangs.  What are blocks? Blocks in the Zone Diet are basically portion sizes of how much to eat of each of carbs, fat and proteins.  For example, a woman should eat 3 blocks of each and a man 4 block of each.  Men are bigger than woman and have more muscle mass than woman and therefore need more food than woman. 


So What Does a Typical Meal Plan Look Like? 


A typical meal plan for a day on the Zone Diet for a woman would be as follows


Breakfast = 1 hour after waking up = french toast


2 blocks of protein + 4 blocks of carbs and 1 block of fat


Lunch =  4 hours later = chicken fajitas


Afternoon Snack = 2 eggs whites with chickpea hummus


dinner = 4 hours later = chicken breast with pork chop, cheese sauce, cauliflower and broccoli with olive oil drizzled on fresh lettuce leaves.


Late night snack = 2 egg whites and one whole egg hard boiled then mashed up in a cup with margarine, mayonnaise or butter with half a dark rye cracker.


When planning your meals make sure your balance of carbs, proteins and fats are at the right 40/30/30 ratio and you will see the fat melt away.


Remember try and keep yourself hydrated throughout by drinking plenty of fluids, especially water.  Don’t skip meals, always try and eat within a 4 hour window throughout the day, even if you don’t feel hungry try and eat a balance of carbs, fat and protein in order to keep  your blood sugar levels steady.  You may not feel hungry when you got to eat, but if you skip a meal your hormones wont be balanced and your insulin will spoke causing you to feel hungry later on an binging unnecessarily.