Workout Routines For Beginners

Easy To Follow Workout Routines  For Beginners!

Workout Routines For Beginners

Everyone has their own little workout routine that they swear by, so how do you go about getting a good workout regime?  It’s all about what suits you best, how well you will be able to cope with the exercises and how fit you are.  There is no point in doing a workout regime that is based upon crunches and press ups if you find it impossible to do these types of exercises. 


Firstly you need workout routines for beginners you must think of the desired intensity at which you would like to work out.  If you have plenty of stamina you don’t want to be wasting time on minute exercises that take little effort.  Workouts are all about reaching the end goal, about pushing yourself to get the best of your potential.


High Intensity Interval Training otherwise known as HIIT is the best workout routines for beginners and anyone alike.  High Intensity Interval Training is where you have to push yourself to the limits through your chosen exercise such as running for 30 seconds and then having what they call a rest period for 60 seconds which will be repeated for 10-15 minutes.  When I say rest, I don’t mean rest as in standstill and catch your breath.  I mean jog moderately for 60 seconds.  Trust me this will feel like a rest after your intense running sessions. 


There are so many workout routines for beginners out there. Tailor made workout routines would be the best kind. 

After you have decided upon your stamina and fitness level you can decide upon your workout.

Due to there being so many workout routines for beginners it may be slightly intimidating to start off with, but once you finally find the right one you will surely get into the swing of things.

In the midst of all of your workout plans be sure to have a goal in mind, possibly a target weight,a  six pack, a healthier looking body, anything you like.  This will help you stay motivated in sticking to your workout routines especially for beginners.


When starting out on a new workout regime, make sure that you don’t overdo it.  If you come in to strong you may end up with an injury or you may end up tired and fed up due to jumping in too fast. This in turn may put you off sticking to the routines.

There are a huge number of pre made workout routines for beginners in the market these days, it’s finding the right one that matters.


So just before our work out what do we need to do?

Firstly, make sure you always warm up, your muscles need to loosen up a little so you can exercise comfortably.  For your warm up, I suggest doing a 5 minute slow to moderate jog, this will be sure to get you heated up and your heart rate started. 

Once you have warmed up you should do a few stretches, start by stretching your lower body and work your way all the way up to your neck.  Stretching is important so that it lessens the risk of potential injuries from training.

All stretched out? Good, it only leaves one thing now….your workout!

Before you begin your workout, make sure you have some water to drink whilst you’re working out.  It’s important that you stay hydrated throughout your exercises.

So let’s give an example of some workout routines for beginners and then we can name a good workout DVD also to choose.

After you’re all warmed up and stretched out start off with some cardiovascular exercises to get your body pumped and your heart pounding. 


Try running at a moderate pace for 5 minutes and then start some HIIT.

  • Rest for 60 seconds
  • Sprint for 30 seconds
  • Jog slowly or walk briskly for 60 seconds
  • Repeat 60 second rest and 30 second sprint at least 10 times


Once you have completed your first HIIT move onto some jump rope and follow a HIIT here too


  • Skip with your jump rope as fast as you can for 30 seconds
  • Rest by skipping slowly for 60 seconds
  • Repeat high intensity and low intensity at least 10 times or repeat as many times as your first HIIT.

Once you have done your second round of High Intensity Interval Training you should move onto some free weights.  I know what you’re thinking, you don’t want big muscles you just want to get fit and slim down.  Well the fact is the more muscle you have in your body, the longer your body will burn fat for!  So let’s get lifting….


Take a weight and assess how many reps you can do without having to overly struggle.

You should be able to do around 3 sets of 12 each with a decent sized weight.

Alternate which body part you are going to work on each time you work out, there is no point in cramming in every muscle in each routine.  It’s impossible to get a good workout routine this way.


Alternate exercises every day,

On your first day do some squats and have a weight in your hand and raise your arm straight out in front of you when you squat, alternatively do lunges with weights. (A squat is where you stand with legs shoulder width apart toes pointing slightly out, arms stretched out in front of you, bend your knees and go to an almost sitting position and back up again and repeat, be sure that your knees do not extend beyond your toes)

Along with your squats, work on your biceps with some bicep curls, bicep curls are where you have your elbow tight into your side, grab a weight and slowly take the weight down and bring it back up quicker with a curl and repeat.

Finally add some crunches in too! Try and do 3 sets of 10 at least.



This is just an example of workout routines for beginners, however you can put your own exercises together, as long as you are comfortable with the exercises and you are confident that you can do them too.

If you don’t want to make up your own workout then you can go to the shop and buy a pre made DVD.  A lot of these DVD’s are celebrity endorsed so don’t let this put you off or persuade you in any way, the exercises within the DVD is what’s important. 

Jillian Michaels for beginners’ frontside or backside are really good.  The good thing about following a DVD workout is that you can watch it first to see if you will be able to complete it, you can pause it and rewind it and you can watch it over and over again until you have mastered the technique.  Another good thing is that most DVDs have more intermediate and advanced versions too, so when you have moved on from being a beginner the possibilities are almost endless.


So all In all make sure you can actually undertake the exercises required by you before committing yourself to a strict regime and you will be sure to find plenty workout routines for beginners.

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