Weight Watchers points system does it work

weight watchers reviews does it work?


Weight-Watchers review

People tend not to stick to diets due to the hassle of trying to work out how many calories, sugar and carbs that each food item has.  This is where Weight Watchers came up with an ingenious plan of eradicating this.  The Weight Watchers Diet involves the dieter to count points.  Each dieter upon signing up to The Weight Watchers plan will be weighed and the leader will take down your height etc….and whoever he/she will give you your daily pro point allowance.  Not only will you have a daily point allowance you will also have activity points too.  Each person dependent upon their size, height and fitness level will receive a different point balance.


To join Weight Watchers all you have to do is find out your nearest Weight Watchers location and turn up to a meeting to sign yourself up. If you don’t fancy being in other avid dieters company then you can always join Weight Watchers online by using the Weight Watchers Etools.  Even if you find a Weight Watchers location and you attend the meetings you will have access to the Weight Watchers handy Etool also.  On the other hand you can use the Weight Watchers app on your smart phone, an easy and accessible way to track your pro point usage and balance.


If you find yourself going to one of the Weight Watchers locations then you will find yourself being weighed by one of the reps who will either congratulate or consolidate you.

It has been proven that writing down what you eat on a daily basis and being able to keep track of it has an influence on what you eat next.  That is why Weight watchers has incorporated this into their diet plan also.  The handy Weight Watchers Etool helps you to do this successfully as does the Weight Watchers App too.


The beauty of this diet plan is that you can basically eat whatever takes your fancy when it does.  However the catch is you must always be within your pro points balance, you must not go over this.  If you find your cutting yourself short on your pro points for the day then you can save them for a tasty treat at the weekend.  The sheer flexibility of the pro points system is incredible.  You really wouldn’t think you were on a diet.  No foods are forbidden or off limits, every food has a pro point value associated with it.  There are certain foods such as fresh fruit and veg that have a pro point value of 0 so they are free.  It used to be the case that you were allowed unlimited free fruit in any given day, however due to the intrinsic sugars of such foods they have limited it to 5 a day.


If you feel yourself getting peckish throughout the day then snack on your zero foods so that you can save your pro points for something worthwhile.  Especially if you like a good drink or two at the weekend.

What is the science behind eating what you want?  Basically Weight watchers old points system only took into account the number of calories that each food contained within.  So therefore a fatty steak and a slice of cake would have been the same amount of points.  However on the new pro points system their points would differ.  This is due to the fact that on the new Weight Watchers pro points plan they have taken into account how much energy your body uses to process the food.  Therefore the better the food is for you then the more you can consume as your body will use more energy to digest it.


If you are following the Weight Watchers plan then I highly recommend to get the Weight Watchers app or the Weight Watchers etool so you don’t lose track of your pro point allowance.  Try and not buy Weight Watchers branded foods, although they don’t taste all that bad, they are packed with chemicals and they are just another money making scheme.  You are best to cook your own foods.  You can buy weight watchers branded bars of chocolate and cakes that contain only a few pro points per slice.  Big supermarkets have also got their own range of pro point marked foods.  Such as Morrisons NUME range, it is Morrisons version of healthy, low calorie and low fat foods.  All of NUME range has got a pro points value on them and they are much cheaper than Weight Watchers branded foods.

This diet plan is great as you can still eat what you want without having to worry.