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It’s that time of year again, that time where people hang up there party shoes and vow to be better this year than they were the year before. Diets are the main thing on everyone’s minds. A New Year, a new YOU!

So let’s take a look back into 2014 into 2015 for all the weight loss success stories that took us all with a gasp and an awe of excitement. This is a list of diets that most of my fellow dieters lost those pesky pounds on.

The Ornish Diet

This Is the one in which you basically become Vegan. No meat whatsoever is allowed to cross your lips, non fat dairy only, also no fats in your eating regime, this includes fatty fruits such as avocado. Sadly no sugar either. The bonus of this diet would be that you would no doubt have your 5 a day every day. This eating regime encourages you to take up an exercise plan and also teaches self control in the way of portion sizes. The negative to this diet would be that not many people can stick to it, due to it’s somewhat bland nature. However this diet is proven to reverse diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

5:2 Diet

The Fast Diet is probably one of the easiest diets to follow. Eat whatever tickles your fancy for 5 days, fast the other 2 days. Well not fast in the means of nil by mouth, you are still allowed to consume 500 calories on your fast days. Thus making it much easier to fast and to have success with this diet. Just the fact that you know you can eat what you want the next day sure does get you through. When on the 5:2 diet be sure to space your fast days out, this will enable you to stick to the diet much easier and for longer. If you done your 500 calorie days together then you will most probably find yourself weak and wanting to grab a quick fix to pick yourself up.

4:3 Diet

The 4:3 diet is definitely one of the diets that work. Yes it sounds very similar to the 5:2 diet, yes that’s because it was founded and created by the same highly intelligent person. The 4:3 diet, yeah you guessed it, eat what you want for 4 days and fast for the other 3! Genius. This diet does take a lot of willpower. Eating only 500 calories for nearly half the week is a real struggle. Not only is it a struggle to stick to it, but it is a struggle to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle due to the lack of calories allowed.

Dash Diet

No it’s not a Kardashian write off! This is one of the most popular diets ever. This diet is based upon the diet of a Mediterranean lifestyle. All of the healthy fats, nuts, seeds, legumes, omega 3 fatty acids and red wine. What more can you ask for? This diet is the one that will make you live longer, as well as being brainier. Not to mention having a slender figure and clearer skin and a much happier outlook on life.

The Atkins Diet

This diet is always up there with the most successful or well known diets that work. The Atkins is probably the most well known for being a low carb diet with magnificent weight loss results. Within The Atkins there are several phases. It is dependent upon your personal weight loss goal that your phase will be determined. If you can cut out mainly all carbs and eat lean protein then you are on to a winner with this diet. Although this diet is strict, you can still bake all you scrummy deserts and make all your delicious dinners, you just need to sub your carb fueled ingredients to ones that are carb free. Voila!

The Cambridge Diet

This is a popular diet, the main drawback for many people would be the fact that you need to fork out initially in order to start the diet, this diet is based upon different stages just like the Atkins. The Cambridge diet is a meal replacement diet. You sign up to be sent shakes and meals. It has large followers due to it’s success stories. On your initial sign up to The Cambridge Diet, you will be assigned a motivator if you like, this person will be there for you throughout your journey.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

This in no manner of means is a lifestyle change or long term diet. It is certainly a crash or quick fix diet. It wouldn’t be humane to live on cabbage soup every day of your life, not only would you stink something awful, you wouldn’t have the nutrients your body needs to survive. So what is it that is so successful about the Cabbage Soup Diet? This diet restricts your calorie intake by a huge amount, leaving you very little to eat, hence why it is so successful for a crash diet. Needing to fit into that dress you bought that’s 2 sizes too small? If you replied yes, then this is the one to try. This one restricts you to an unlimited concoction of home made cabbage floating in its own juices, along with a day of fruit and a day of veg and a day of bananas. Sounds disgusting right? It kind of is! The only positive other than weight loss for this diet would be for how inexpensive it is.

So there you have it. Above is just a small fraction of diets that took us by storm. Be sure to keep posted for more updates on these highly successful diets.

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