Trying To Fight Temptation

Fight Temptation

fight temptation

Are you trying to fight temptation of picking up that scrumptious heavenly tasting chocolate cake? I thought so as much, here is where I can persuade you to think before you eat it. If you are trying to lose weight and on a certain diet it is hard to fight your cravings. You really need some willpower to be able to succeed with weight loss. Without any self discipline you will probably fail and be back at square one again.

Reading this? You may as well start your diet now then!

Like I said above, dieting needs a small dose of willpower, the more willpower you have the better chance you have at succeeding and fight temptation. Start off by thinking, what you are doing this for? Why are you putting yourself through this? Found the answer? Good, lets now set ourselves a goal, this goal can be how long you want to try and stick the diet for or it can be how much weight you would ideally like to lose. I would always choose the latter. Once you have set your goal you will need to think about which diet would best suit yourself. This is where you would normally start to research diets that work. However let me share some of the diets that work with you in a moment.



When you are dieting be sure to take some measurements of your arms, thighs and waist at least, the reason being as even although the scales may say you haven’t lost any pounds you will have lost inches from your body. This is due to the fact that you may have gained some muscle whilst you lost body fat, this is better than the scales saying you have lost a few pounds. If you do wish to keep track of your weight form a scale then be sure to only weigh yourself once a week at the same time roughly every week. For ladies menstruation will make you heavier as you are likely to have more water retention around this time. Also try and use the same scale all the time, some scales may be slightly off balance, at least if you stick to the one you can keep track of how much you have lost so far.

When dieting always be sure to keep well hydrated. People can mistake dehydration for hunger. After a meal if you still feel hungry try and drink a glass of water and wait for 5 minutes and then reassess the situation again.

When you are on a strict diet, you will have a strict eating plan, even if it isn’t a strict diet you are in it may be that you can’t eat certain foods. Be sure not to fall at the last hurdle due to hunger. Make sure that you have something that you can grab that you are allowed or you have something that is so easy to prepare that it’s just as easy as opening the fridge. If allowed try and prepare some healthy vegetable sticks and you can have them with a low fat hummus dip or similar.

When going to the grocery store for your food shopping have a list at the ready so you can whiz around real fast and pick up exactly what is on the list. This way you don’t have time to slowly walk around the store and pick up everything that looks nice and this will help fight temptation.

Focus on your goal and you will keep getting motivated to reach it.

As well as drinking water take some green tea, not only does it taste nice it is packed with antioxidants and is extremely good for you. Try taking food supplements whilst dieting also. Supplements such as iron and vitamin D help too. these are some of the tips to fight temptation and help you get towards your goal.

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