The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the wholehearted and healthiest diets around. The Mediterranean Diet is based upon the basic eating habits of the people living in the Mediterranean. Their diets are so healthy that it generally makes them live longer in comparison to a typical Westerner eating refined, processed fatty foods in contrast to a diet packed full of nutrients and goodness, their bodies are glowing inside and out.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is definitely an all rounder

Similar to The Dash Diet. It scores points for every aspect of the diet. First things first, someone who is on a diet will probably have weight loss as their main goal, well this one is sure to see results in both long term and short term weight loss. Not only is this a great diet for weight loss, it is also very easy to follow and so nutritionally sound that you really couldn’t moan about it. Then there’s the cost factor, not really much more expensive than a typical westerners diet I would say. It also helps prevent and retract certain diseases, meaning the benefits are endless.


The secret is in their food

Obviously the sun plays a huge part in their natural glow too, however most of it comes from what they digest.

The Diet

The diet of a Mediterranean person mainly consists of white meat, such as lean chicken and fish, red meat is only eaten in rare occasions. Cereals, legumes and fresh fruit and veg along with small quantities low fat or non fat dairy and healthy oils such as omega 3 and olive oil. Countries of a Mediterranean Origin tend to have a lower rate of diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancers. This is due to their healthy diet and exercise.

On The Mediterranean Diet it is basically up to you what, how and when you eat. Their isn’t a Mediterranean Diet that suggests you eat this or that. You are your own boss on this one you get to decide how many calories that you need in order to survive the day, work out how many calories you can eat for you to lose a pound and work out how many calories it takes for you to maintain your ideal weight. Along with this you should incorporate exercise into your eating plan, which will also help burn calories. The difference between Mediterraneans and Westerners are that Mediterraneans control their portion sizes as they eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg which is the bulk of their amazing diets.

Remember a typical male calorie intake should not exceed 2500 and a typical females should not exceed 2000. Obviously depending upon your weight, height, age and fitness level you should adjust your calories accordingly. In order to lose 1lb per week, your body must lose 1500 calories per week, so the easiest way to do this is for a male to have 2000 and a female to have 1500 calories per day. Otherwise the right exercise and eating plan will go down a treat.

A typical Mediterranean Diet would look like this:


  • Plain porridge with sultanas to sweeten
  • Apple
  • Cup of coffee with semi skimmed milk


  • Prawn and avocado salad (avocado full of healthy fats)
  • mixed fruit bowl
  • Glass of freshly squeezed orange juice


  • Steamed Chicken with Brown Rice and broccoli
  • fruit and non fat greek yoghurt
  • Large glass of water
  • Small glass of red wine

As you can see there is barely any carbs as well as no processed foods whatsoever, it is a diet full of freshness that is sure to fill you up for the day. Most people would be pleased to know that Mediterraneans do still incorporate red wine into their healthy lifestyle, who knows this may be one of their secrets to living longer. If you are going to drink red wine, then ladies need to limit it to 2 small glasses per day and males to 3 small glasses per day, but no every day.

If you decide you are following the Mediterranean Diet and you still want to eat rice, bread and pasta, try swapping them for wholegrain bread, rice and pasta. Swap full fat whole milk for skimmed milk, swap fizzy soda to water or no added sugar squash and swap white wine for red wine. If you must eat cheese and dairy then swap it for a low fat or non fat alternative.


The beauty of The Mediterranean Diet is that no food groups are eliminated, you can still have a sweet or desert and red meat every so often, as long as there is no over indulgence involved you will be sure to see the pounds drop off and you will feel a lot healthier too.