The Lemonade Diet

The Lemonade DietThe Lemonade Diet Plan

So what is the lemonade diet we hear of? A celebrity following from The Single Ladies singer Beyonce Knowles not to mention Jennifer Aniston and many more celebrities with bodies we think we can only dream of having. A diet similar to that of a juicing diet, drinking chilli lemony concoctions, sounds far from tempting to me. Proven weight loss results along with a full body cleanse, the lemonade diet is one to try. Not many people will see past day 1 on this diet as you can’t eat any food, lemonade only. The lemonade diet shouldn’t be carried out for long due to the danger from lack of calories. Although popular the lemonade diet isn’t a great diet to follow through. The lemonade diet has a severe lack of calories and can lead to all sort of deficiencies and illnesses.

You think you can? You may have to have a long hard think before trying this one, you may be hungry throughout. Not many people succeed on the lemonade diet. Always consult your GP before carrying out such a severe diet plan.


How Do I Start?

To make the lemonade drink you need to mix together:

2tbsp of freshly drawn lemon juice from a juicy lemon

2tbsp of pure no added sugar maple syrup

a pinch of cayenne pepper

water (ten ounce)  

I know what you are thinking, maple syrup on a diet right? The only reason we use maple syrup in the lemonade diet is so that you can keep up your calorie intake and give you energy. If your body doesn’t have energy then it won’t function properly and weight loss will plateau.

In this diet you have very little ingredients, therefore very little cost, you can do this diet for 2 weeks and cut your food bill right down. This diet contains the main foods associated with weight loss. Salt flushes out toxins and is associated with cleansing as is lemons, cayenne pepper is associated with weight loss as it gives your metabolism a kick.

In order for maximum effect in this diet you need to make this lemon juice fresh everyday as its best served fresh. You should try and drink 6-12 waters per day. If you feel hungry then drink plain water, this may stop the pangs slightly. However probably won’t stop them for long if any time due to the lack of calories.

Upon waking in the morning you should be drinking some very unappetizing warm salty water, simply just mix together 2tspn of salt with water and quickly drink it. However unappetizing this may taste and sound to you it is an important part of this diet, so it must be drunk ruthlessly. Drinking warm salted water will flush out and cleanse your body from any bad unwanted bacteria and toxin build ups. It is similar to that of a colonic irrigation, however not only does it remove the build up from your colon it also removes it from the GI Tract. This in turn may help you if you suffer from bloatedness and wind.

Before bed at night you will need to drink some tea which has laxative effects, you can get these teas from your local big name store or your health store. This will also help to flush out your system. This diet is followed by celebs as not only does it help you lose weight but your body is refreshed and reinvigorated too.

The first few days on the diet may be the hardest for you, like all diets your body needs to adjust to the changes. First off you may feel a little light headed with severe headaches, nausea and lack of energy, not to mention the mood swings and lots of releasing of gases as well as a lot of going to the toilet for passing stools in all forms, shapes, sizes and consistencies. If you feel you need to let go of some gas then be very weary of where you are, it may be something other than warm air flowing.

After you have got through the first few days and your body has had a chance to come to terms with the changes you will feel as fresh as a daisy, you will feel yourself feeling better, your body will be on the way to becoming at least 10 pounds lighter, your stomach will appear flatter as you have lost all of your water retention and not to mention some body fat too. However it’s not all good, the diet shouldn’t be taken lightly, as soon as you come off the diet and start eating cakes and take outs, not only will you put the weight back on, you will pile on more than you lost in the first place.

I would say the lemonade diet is the least appetizing and least healthy out all the diets available.