The Best Diets of 2016

The Best Diets Of 2016 the list

the best diets of 2016

Throughout 2015 everyone was wanting the low down on the latest diets to hit us with a bang. It struck midnight on the last day of December into January, New Years resolutions were the thing on every ones minds. Most people had a resolution of losing weight or eating healthier. Some people broke these resolutions and some people succeeded and have never felt and looked better in all their lives.

The Best Diets Of 2016

Here we will give a countdown on the best Diets of 2016. Tried and tested and voted by the best nutritionists. Diets aren’t all about losing the most weight, it’s an overall rating in accordance with losing weight and at what rate you lose it, how healthy it is for you, what you can and can’t eat on it and any health benefits in association with the diets as well as how safe the diet is for that person and how easy it is for that person to follow the diet properly.

 The Dash Diet

In the number one spot of the best diets of 2015 was The Dash Diet. The Dash Diet was the heart healthy diet which was suitable for anyone who was willing to give it a try. It reduced the likeliness of type 2 diabetes as well as hypertension. It followed in the footsteps of a Mediterranean style diet. A healthy balanced diet packed with omega 3 fatty oils, vegetables, lean protein, low fat dairy and whole grains not to mention low in sodium (salt) too. Not only this, but the Dash Diet recommended following part of a volumetrics style diet too where you eat foods that will fill you up with less calories. This diet made number one spot due to the fact that anyone can do it, it’s very safe due to the well balanced foods you can eat, very heart healthy and has so many health benefits associated with this. The Dash Diet is certainly an all rounder.


Swiftly following the Dash Diet was The TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) Diet. This one asks that you scrimp on saturated fats therefore lowering your cholesterol giving it points for cardiovascular disease prevention. This diet may have ranked in number one spot if it promoted weight loss also. The TLC diet like the Dash Diet allows you to eat whole foods as well as lean chicken and fish without the fatty part (skin). Along side the number 1 diet The TLC is also safe for anyone to try.

 The Mayo Clinic Diet

In third place there were a few diets that ranked here. The first one being The Mayo Clinic Diet, this diet re educates you in how to eat. There are 2 parts to the diet, the first one being lose the pounds and the second one is keep the pounds off. Sounds so simple. Within the first fortnight you will lose anywhere form half a stone up to just under a stone. There is no calculating how many calories you have just eaten. This one again is similar to the DASH diet and also the volumetrics eating plan. The Mayo Clinic Diet also is low in fat, full of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as high in omega 3 oils and full of whole grains and nutrient stuffed foods. Due to all of the above this diet is also very heart healthy and safe for the dieter.

 Weight Watchers

Also tied in third place was of the best diets was The Weight Watchers Diet. This was third place due to the ease of dieting on it. There was nothing that couldn’t be eaten in moderation. Chocolate, biscuits, wine, you name it you could have it. Weight Watchers Diet does not have any calorie counting involved, the only counting involved is counting points and counting all those pounds you have lost. This diet was top voted for the amount of weight lost whilst undertaking it. This diet was the first diet to bring something new to the table, thus being the counting of points. People found it much easier to control and remember points rather than calories. Weight Watchers works by taking into consideration all of your body composition figures and your fitness level and allocates you a number of daily and weekly points in which you mustn’t go over each day or week. The more exercise you undertook the more points you could use. The simplicity of this diet really was a treat.

 The Mediterranean Diet

And again in third place was The Mediterranean Diet, similar to that of the volumetrics, Mayo Clinic and DASH diets. The Mediterranean Diet takes all the whole heart healthy foods and cuts all of the bad ones out, such as saturated fat, full fat dairy and refined white carbohydrates. This diet is so effective as Mediterranean’s generally outlive the rest of us as there diet is so nutritious. Mediterranean’s have a diet full of fish, white proteins, olive oil, nuts, seeds and legumes and rarely eat red meats and sat fats. This is the secret to a longer and healthier life.

 The Flexitarian Diet

Next up we have The Flexitarian Diet, you can be a vegetarian and still eat meat on this diet. Doesn’t make sense right? Well vegetarians seem to always be much slimmer and have less body fat overall than an avid meat lover. For breakfast you will have around a 300 calorie allowance for lunch it will be 400 and for dinner it will be 500 calories. If you wish to snack twice daily it will be 150 calories each. Therefore within a day you will be eating 1500 calories, therefore having a deficiency of 3500 calories a week, meaning you will lose at least 1 pound of fat per week. For this diet eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will likely fill you up for longer thus eating less in the long run. Not really genius, but it works wonders. Instead of eating meat on this diet you will substitute it for a meat replacement, such as tofu or beans, therefore instead of eating meat it will be plants.

 Volumetrics Diet

Next in line is The Volumetrics Diet, this one is basic food knowledge really. Take 2 food types that are similar in weight, but eat the one with fewer calories that will fill you up for longer. In theory this is taking a food that is less dense in energy eating loads to fill you up, but not actually using up more calories. This is food science at is best. The Volumetrics got top notch marks for its safety.

 Jenny Craig Diet

Moving on to the next diet we have The Jenny Craig Diet. This diet got almost full marks for the ease to follow, the health benefits and the one on one support from your leaders. Its biggest downfall was the cost of the diet, it burnt a whole in many dieters pockets. The Jenny Craig Diet teaches you how to control your portion sizes and calories. It comes with meals either delivered to your home or meals that you pick up from a Jenny Craig Centre. The consultants at Jenny Craig will have a one on one session with you every week and they will create an eating and exercise regime for you to follow, in accordance with your age, weight and height along with your fitness and activity level.

 Biggest Loser Diet

We have all heard of The Biggest Loser TV programme. The diet was a spin off of this programme. The diet alone was rated for weight loss in a small period of time, however it can be a little expensive for most. The basis of this diet isn’t rocket science, I vote it cold as obviously the 2 stages of this diet will promote weight loss. Cutting down your calorie intake along with some form of exercise will be sure to cut the fat.

 The Ornish Diet

The Ornish Diet, sounds like some sort of cult. Anyway this diet isn’t for the faint hearted. This diet is best known for its undoing health problems. Such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, it can lower cholesterol and also prevent diabetes and heart disease. In order to reverse the diseases you will need to adhere to the diet to the letter, which isn’t the easiest to follow. A lot of foods on this diet are off limits, such as caffeine, saturated fats, dairy and pretty much all animal sourced foods. No meat, no milk no cheese no gelatine no full fat dairy yoghurt. The list is nearly endless. Although this diet is tough to follow properly it is really effective when done correctly.

 The Traditional Asian Diet

The Traditional Asian Diet, one that not many people have ever heard of, the diet is effective and full of oriental flavors that have feeling of fullness. This diet like the Mediterranean Diet claims to be very healthy and prevents many diseases. The Asian Diet doesn’t have a set calorie intake for you to follow, this is where you decide. Finding a rate at which you lose weight you can either up or lower your calories to suit your needs. This diet is full of Asian ingredients, such as noodles and rice, bamboo shoots and bean sprouts.

So the best diets of 2016

These are some of the best diets of 2015 into 2016. If you’re wanting to follow a diet that is full of healthy foods and promotes or reverses health benefits then one of these diets will be just what you need. There are so many diets that work out there, choosing the right one for you is key to your weight loss. Choose wisely and your weight loss will drop off and stay off. Lets hope that this list of the best diets of 2016 will help you get the weight you have desired.

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