The Best Diet for Ulcerative Colitis

The best diet for ulcerative colitis would be a controlled diet in which you watch what you eat. Ulcerative Colitis is a condition which is randomly sporadic, meaning that one minute you could be suffering from all kinds of symptoms and the next minute you could be pain and symptom free.

Ulcerative Colitis is a disease of the bowel, namely the large intestine and also the rectum. It basically is interpreted as inflammation of the colon (colitis) and ulcerative being open sores or ulcers. Sufferers of this disease have many symptoms such as:

  • bloody diarrhea

  • a general unwell feeling

  • tiredness

  • cramping tummy pains

  • sickness

Just like everything not everyone will suffer all of the above. In order to control such symptoms you will most likely need to take medication or possibly even have surgery. However just like every disease your immune system can be strengthened by your diet. The best diet for ulcerative colitis would be avoiding certain foods or consuming certain foods on a daily basis will be sure to help you in the long run.

The best diet for ulcerative colitis would be to eat right. By eating right you are avoiding the foods than can cause an outburst of symptoms that will only just aggravate your ulcerative colitis.

A lot of people who suffer from this disease will become dehydrated due to the severe diarrhea, thus in turn can lead to all the other symptoms that they then suffer from such as the fatigue and anaemia. In order to aid in the process of helping these symptoms you should be sure to keep thoroughly hydrated throughout the day. Try and drink at least 8 glasses or 2 liters of water per day, not only is this good to keep you hydrated it also helps with a number of things, such as clearer skin and harder stools.

The best diet for ulcerative colitis is not set in stone. Every person is different. In general terms however there is scientific evidence to show that a diet low in fiber may help ease the symptoms of the illness. Too much fiber in your diet causes you to pass a stool. Therefore The best diet for ulcerative colitis is one which is low in fiber.  If you have diarrhea day in and day out then fiber is the last thing you should be taking. Something you should consider taking would be probiotics. These are the good germs found in the gut. You can go into your local supermarket and buy a pro-biotic drink and take one every day. This has also been scientifically proven to aid an ulcerative colitis patient.

The Atkins diet plan is one in which you may want to consider as one of the best diet for ulcerative colitis. This diet consists mainly of proteins and very low carbs. No sugar, fruit or vegetables which are full of carbohydrates and fibers, however it should be done by eating lean meats only if you were to consider this.

Foods you may want to consider avoiding in order to ease your symptoms would be:

  • spice, chillies or anything too spicy, this can aggravate your GI
  • caffeine, strong coffee and energy drinks
  • carbonated sodas
  • sugar (refined) , replace with natural sweeteners
  • Any foods high in fiber – such as bread, pasta – carbohydrates
  • oats
  • seeds
  • nuts
  • beans and legumes
  • fruits – only raw or ones in which you cannot take the seeds out of
  • most vegetables

This list could be endless. The best diet for ulcerative colitis is the best diet that suits you. Don’t eat foods that give you severe stomach cramps or twinges or foods that cause diarrhea. Eat what makes you feel good. It may take a while in order for you to figure out what agrees with you and what doesn’t, but when you are there you will feel a great difference in yourself and you will finally feel like you are in control again.

Not only will you need to change your diet, but you will need to change your eating habits too. Don’t eat too late at night just before going to bed. Going to bed for anyone on a full bloated stomach isn’t good for anyone never mind a sufferer from ulcerative colitis, this will just irritate you even more.

Try breaking up your meals into smaller more manageable portions throughout the day rather than 3 huge meals that your intestines struggle to digest. Causing your large intestine to go into overdrive. By doing so you will let your digestive system rest and your food will be broken down more slowly and your body will be able to manage it better.

All in all the best diet for ulcerative colitis is down to your will power and patience of testing different methods. Be sure to avoid those high fiber foods and be sure to take plenty of probiotics.

So there you have it the best diet for ulcerative colitis is a diet that will make you feel good. It will be a bit of trial and error on your part.

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