The South Beach Diet explained

The South Beach Diet Plan

 South beach diet

What is it?

The south beach diet is a diet plan that reforms your body and shape.  It aims to help curb those cravings and get you on the track to a successful weight loss result.  Many people mistake The South Beach Diet with the Atkins diet.  However they really could not be more different.  The Atkins Diet is where you lower your carbs to next to nothing and you will eventually find out your carb tolerance, whereas The South Beach plan helps you separate the good from the bad.

Where did it come from? 

The program was created by a Dr. Arthur Agatston.  He was a cardiologist.  He created this plan in order for his patients to lose weight, he said that dieters find it difficult to stick to a low fat plan, therefore he came up with something that they would be able to adhere to.


What is the science behind The South Beach Diet?

Dr. Arthur Agatston started to look at the effects of insulin resistance and through this the Glycemic Index was founded.  The Glycemic Index basically is the measurement of glucose (sugar) in your blood after you eat a particular food.  Each food type will have a varying effect on sugar levels dependent upon several factors.  Generally food with a high GI are ones that break down and are digested by the body more rapidly which in turn release glucose faster than low GI ones that get broken down more slowly with a slower glucose release. 


How does The South Beach Diet Work?

The plan consists of 3 phases.  Each on as individual as the other.

Phase 1

This phase lasts for 2 weeks.  This will be the first two weeks of your diet.  In this phase you will cut back all sugars, processed carbohydrates, fruits and also some higher glycemic vegetables.  The purpose of doing so is to stabilize your blood sugar levels in order to kick start your weight loss by teaching you to control sugary cravings.  If you have more than 10 lbs to lose then this phase is ideal for you to be in.  You will never be hungry as you will be eating properly on this plan.

Phase 2

This phase will go on for as long as you so desire.  In this phase your aim is to get to your weight loss goal.  Here you will reintroduce foods back into your eating plan and you will understand the difference between good carbs from bad carbs and bad fats from bad fats.  Although your weight loss will have slowed down you will still see great results.  The slower the weight loss the more likely you are to keep it off for good.  Dr.  Arthur Agatston said that you need to know the difference between the good and the bad as the bad includes sugary refined carbs which a have a high GI meaning your body will break it down fast and your blood sugar levels will spike rapidly.  This in turn will make you hungry.

Phase 3

Well done if you are on phase 3 now.  If you are on phase 3 now it means that you have reached your weight loss goal and you are ready to maintain your success for the rest of your life.  Within this life time maintenance there are no set do’ and dont’s.  You are expected to take form what you have learned and apply your principles which personally helped you achieve and apply throughout.


This regime has lots of appeal to dieters alike.  This plan does not have you counting calories or carbs or any point system that you easily lose focus and track of.  Instead this diet focuses on the good and the bad, it really is that simple.