Scarsdale Diet plan

Scarsdale Diet Review

scarsdale diet

The Scarsdale Diet isn’t really heard of these days. Back in the day, this was the diet of all diets, if you want to shed some weight fast (14 days to be precise) then this diet is the one for you. The Scarsdale diet isn’t a crash diet nor is it a fad diet, nor is It a diet you should be following for the rest of your life. It’s a Diet that works. Due to the restrictions in food and calorie intake on the Scarsdale diet. You should only follow this eating plan for a maximum of 14 days with the addition of another 14 days on a higher calorific eating plan.

The Scarsdale Diet was brought to us by Dr. Herman Tanower. The diet took its name from the street in which his medical practice was situated. Tanower claims that you can lose up to 1 stone within the first fortnight. If the claims are true then why aren’t we all doing it then?

The beauty of this diet is that some of the portion sizes aren’t stipulated and where this is the case you may indulge until you are fit to burst. If you do feel a little peckish then leave the chips and chocolate alone. Instead feel like a hamster and reach for the celery and carrot sticks, you will thank me later.

If the diet states to eat something then eat it, there is no point in going on the plan and not following it to the letter. The foods within the diet are eaten for a reason. That is why it is a diet that will work.

Ok, I hear you! What can I eat you say?

Well here goes, this is what a typical day’s worth of meals would look like on the Scarsdale diet.


Half of a Grapefruit, if this isn’t easily available for you then you may swap this for what is in season and easily obtainable for you. If possible get grapefruit as it has special fat burning enzymes contained within its pinky goodness.
Protein Bread – No butter or margarine just plain and toasted (yes it will be dry…deal with it)
Tea or coffee (BLACK) that’s right, no milk or cream or anything else


Cold meat (any you like)
Tomatoes (which ever way you like them)
Tea or coffee (once again BLACK) no milk, cream or sugar, if you really want a soda then it must be diet, try and stick to water as water helps to flush out your system, keeps you hydrated, stops hunger pangs and doesn’t bloat you either unlike diet sodas.


Lamb or fish (make sure it is lean lamb with no fat)
Mixed salad, lettuce leaves, cucumber and baby tomatoes
Once again tea or coffee (BLACK) no added extras, such as milk, cream, sugar or honey.

So that was just one day’s worth of meals, remember if you do want to snack in between your meals then have celery and carrot sticks prepared and in the fridge ready for you to grab when you feel the urge.

Other things that you may eat on the diet for meals include:

Chicken (no fat at all, that includes taking the skin off)
cottage cheese
fruit salad
string or wax beans
steak (no fat)

The list of allowable foods for The Scarsdale diet could go on, basically what you need to to when choosing foods is look for a lean protein such as chicken with no fat or skin on as the main part of your meal and then build up your meal with green hearty vegetables and leafy green salad items. The less carbs the better.

The Scarsdale Diet is probably the best diet around, it works in line with ketosis in order to melt your fat away. Give it a try, I promise you will see results and won’t regret it.