Raw Food Diet Plan

Raw food diet plan what is it?


Obethe raw food diet plansity and diseases caused by poor diet causes many to seek ways to maintain health through a fundamental change in the diet.
That’s why many are turning to experience of our very distant ancestors, which the concept of excess weight was not familiar.

raw food diet plan would be a mistake to assume one form of vegetarianism . Vegetarian menu includes thermal treatment of many products, and according to raw foodists.

If you do not touch the deep ideological foundations of various types of raw food the supply system is as follows:
eating only foods that have not been through any heat treatment are best.
Because, according to supporters of the raw food diet plan, the high temperature destroys vitamins and other products contained in nutrients and significantly impairs their digestibility.

Types of Raw Food

Vegan raw food diet – the most common type of this field supply. Its adherents eat only raw plant foods.

Vegetarian raw food diet excludes meat and fish, but allows the use of eggs and dairy products . Of course, not thermally treated.

Omnivore raw food diet allows the use of any raw foods. Including milk, eggs, raw or sun-dried meat and fish, dried fruits.

Carnivore raw food diet, or the Paleolithic diet implies the use of raw meat, fish and seafood, and virtually eliminates the vegetarian food.

Fruitarianism – is eating only fruits and berries. All other plant foods – vegetables, root crops and cereals – is excluded from the diet.

Improvement and ideology

Raw foodists do keep repeating the extraordinary surge of vitality in the transition to such a diets Similar sensations experienced by people who practice fasting.

The drastic caloric restriction diet, which often happens with a raw food diet plan and fasting, in the process of digestion of fatty deposits form ketone bodies, This organic compounds, intermediates of carbohydrate and fat metabolism. They are formed predominantly in the liver with incomplete oxidation of fatty acids by metabolic disorders.

Ketone bodies affect the brain, causing a subjective feeling of euphoria, lightness and good humor.

A person who has experienced the feeling of euphoria under the influence of any stimulants, often eager to try it again. If it appears after feeling uncontrolled experiment with food, there is a false belief that a good mood – it’s certainly the result of a good diet.

Arguments for the raw food diet plan


1. Prolonged heat treatment of vegetables and fruit is destroyed most useful substances, such as antioxidants. For example, carotenoids, capable of defending the body against cancer.

2. Raw food diet plan can eliminate excess salt from the diet, saturated fats, trans fats and carcinogens formed during thermal processing of foods. Such a diet may be beneficial for hypertension or renal disease.

3. From raw foods are better absorbed vitamins and minerals.

4. Raw food diet plan promotes rapid saturation due to low-calorie high-fiber plant foods.

5. Raw vegetables and fruit chewing stimulates and strengthens the gums. Furthermore, these products have little sugar that contributes to the destruction of tooth enamel .

6. Raw vegetables and fruits stimulate bowel help reproduction of useful digestive bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract.


Arguments against the raw food diet

1. Raw vegetables and fruits are contraindicated in certain chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – gastritis, ulcers, colitis. Their use can cause serious aggravation.

2. The diet of raw foodists, vegetarians don’t get enough protein because almost all the main source – legumes and cereals. And in the thermally unprocessed form they are almost inedible.

3. Raw foodists, vegetarians do not get the whole set of essential amino acids and some vitamins. For example, B12, since they contained only in animal foods .

4. Do vegan raw food diet adherents often develop a lack of calcium in the body and, as a consequence – osteoporosis . After all, they do not consume not only animals, but also dairy products.

5. In wet grass and legumes contain substances that block the action of digestive enzymes needed for protein digestion. Their action hinders absorption of certain vitamins and minerals, especially   iron.   The iron content in vegetable products can be high, but the degree of absorption is extremely low. Therefore, raw foodists – at risk of developing iron deficiency anemia.

6. Raw foodists who eat raw fish and meat, can get food poisoning or intestinal parasites .

7. Overabundance of raw fruits in the diet, especially the off-season and brightly colored, can provoke allergic reactions.

Expert opinion

Diets of raw fruit and vegetables used in the practice of clinical nutrition are appointed for obesity, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, diseases accompanied by sluggish bowels and constipation work.

“However, the raw food diet plan in the classic version is contraindicated in children and adolescents, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women, athletes as well as in inflammatory diseases of the digestive organs: stomach, intestine, gall bladder, pancreas, kidney stones ( oxalate nephrolithiasis) and allergies. “

So I hope that gives you a little insight to the raw food diet plan.