Paleo Diet what you need to know


Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is it really a modern day diet? or is it from the stone age!

The Paleo Diet otherwise known as the Paleolithic diet is based upon the nutrition of that of a person who lived in what we call the stone age. Back then obesity was never an issue. You hunted your food and ate what you could when you could, namely proteins such as wild animals and fish caught in the rivers.

 Paleo diet

The Paleo Diet is similar to The Atkins diet plan. Overall I would say that this diet isn’t the best. It probably comes in the same with regards to long term and short term weight loss, it’s not very nutritionally sound like other diets such as the Mediterranean diet. The only beneficial aspect which is a selling point health wise with this diet would be that it claims you will be much fitter and free of common modern day diseases, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, which of course would come hand in hand with the diet of a stone age cave man, no sugar or fats, no artificial refined foods back then so very much self explanatory their.

 Stone Age

Dating away back more than 10,000 years the people would hunt their food, they would make use of the resources they had in order to survive, today we go to the supermarket and dump whatever we have a craving for in the shopping cart. Today our biggest battle with the bulge, our number one arch nemesis is carbohydrates and sugar. Both carbohydrates and sugar play a huge part in our diets to this day, this is why so many of the nation are obese or on the verge of being so.

This is why The Paleo Diet cuts out all carbohydrates such as pasta and grains, all dairy, sugar and legumes, starches and alcohol. On this diet, you will be eating meat, seafood, plants and healthy fats.

On the Paleo Diet, although it says you can eat fruit, you should limit fruit to no more than 1 piece of fruit per day if any. Just like the Atkins Diet Plan, which eliminated fruit altogether in certain stages of it. This is due to the fact that fruit although full of antioxidants and vitamin goodness, is also full of intrinsic sugars called fructose. In order for your body to burn the food for fuel, you need to eliminate sugars and carbs so your body goes into ketosis. This is when your body burns the fat stores for energy instead of food as energy, this way weight loss occurs.

The plan

The Paleo diet plan suggests that animals and proteins should be organic or wild grass fed animals, however these days this goal isn’t so easy. As long as you stick to the main principles then I would imagine that the weight loss would still work due to the fact that it is pretty much the same as the modern day Atkins diet. It states that you have 3-4 well rounded meals every day, these meals will consist of your protein which comes from lean meats such as poultry or fish, some vegetables which is the plant part of the diet, this will basically be the carb substitute and finally have some good fats too. The only downside to the Paleo diet in this instance would be that eggs are a no go, unlike the Atkins. Eggs are such a great source of protein and so versatile it’s a shame they aren’t permitted.

On the Paleo Diet plan, the fat intake is significantly higher than what is recommended by the Government, however carbohydrate intake on the Paleo Diet is nearly half of the recommended daily allowance, this again is based on the same principal as the Atkins Diet, therefore the more fat and less carbs the better. This way you can also control your blood sugar levels, the more controlled your blood sugar levels are, the more you can resist a food craving. Eating foods high in sugars and the wrong carbs will release the insulin in your body much quicker than proteins will, so eating the wrong carbs will give you sudden hunger pangs, whereas eating protein will be slow releasing energy and will fill you up for longer.


So all in all The Paleo Diet is an effective diet for weight loss if you cut out the fruit allowance, the Paleo Diet differs from The Atkins diet plan as the Atkins is a very low carb diet, whereas The Paleo Diet gives you a carb allowance for fruit and veg only.