Mayo Clinic Diet review

The Mayo Clinic Diet Could Be The Answer:

Mayo Clinic Diet

Are you at risk from developing or do you already suffer from high blood pressure and a bad heart? If the answer Is yes then maybe you should have a think about The Mayo Clinic Diet. The Mayo clinic diet is an eating plan full of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as whole foods and omega 3 fatty oils. Due to the Mayo Clinic eating plan eradicating all of the bad fats, such as saturated fat and is also low in salt, nutritionists state that it can keep your blood pressure at bay and thus helps to keep your heart healthy and ticking.

In order to follow the Mayo Clinic Diet, you need to cut out all of your bad habits and get into the good ones. The Mayo Clinic Diet will re-teach you to do all of this. Not only does the Mayo Clinic plan do this, it also helps you control your portion sizes in order for you to stop overeating purely due to the fact that the food is in front of you.

Like every other diet, this eating regime falls into certain stages or phases. The Mayo Clinic plan has 2 distinct phases. The first one being lose it and the second one being live it. Both as self-explanatory as the other. The first stage is where you will lose nearly a full stone in the first 2 weeks. The second stage is basically taking all of what you have learned along the way and applying it to the rest of your life or for as long as you wish to put up with it.


This diet ranked third in the best diets of 2013/2014. The Mayo Clinic diet is not only a good diet for weight loss in both the long term and in the short term, its is also very safe and has many health benefits associated with it. It can help prevent or reverse the effects of diabetes and is good for heart health which in turn prevents heart disease and strokes. Not only this, it is also a breeze to follow and is very nutritionally sound. The only major downside to the diet is that due to the high amounts of fresh fruit and veg you eat it can become a little pricey. Unlike other diets, The Mayo Clinic Diet not only helps you blast the fat, it also helps you keep it off for good.

Lose it

The lose it stage is the first part of this diet. This is where you can lose from 6 to 10lbs in the first couple of weeks. The eating regime will teach you how to change your eating habits from bad ones to good ones, there are 15 in total.

The first 5 are

  • you aren’t allowed to watch the television whilst you are eating, this is due to the fact that as your mind is concentrating on what you are watching, the signals from your brain to your stomach are slower. Therefore you eat more without realizing.
  • You can’t eat out
  • No more grazing on foods unless its fruit or veg,
  • Don’t eat too much meat
  • Cutting right back on sugar intake


It will re-educate you in what is good and bad for you and what is bad for you, have in moderation. In the lose it stage your aim will be to undertake around half an hours exercise per day, this exercise can be anything from a brisk walk, to a jog or a swim. As long as the exercise you undertake is of moderate intensity. Moderate intensity exercise will make you break a little sweat and leave you feeling lethargic and short of breath. If you don’t feel this then who are you kidding….yourself? There is no point in pretending, you won’t see the results as well as you should. If you are going to do it, you may as well do it right.

The Mayo Clinic Diet is based upon the Mayo Clinic food pyramid. The bulk of the pyramid consists of fruit and vegetable, along with whole grains and pulses. The Mayo Clinic Diet is similar to The Dash diet and also The Volumetrics Diet. This is based on the principle that you can eat foods that fill you up for fewer calories. Basically, food that is less energy dense that will make you feel fuller for longer. So your calories lessen and your portion sizes grow.

Live It

The Live It stage is part 2 which is the final stage. In this stage, you can still lose up to 2 lbs per week. This stage is where you take all your findings and apply them for good. You will still do your 30 minutes of exercise per day if you wish to lose more or tone up then you can increase the time or intensity of your exercise.

The live it stage is where you will learn how to use your calories and how many you can take in order to maintain or lose weight. The good thing about The Mayo Clinic Diet plan is that you can eat everything in moderation. Other diets you are restricted to only eating certain food groups or only eating a certain amount of each, the Mayo Clinic eradicates this idea, it allows you to eat what you want as long as you follow the guidelines.

All in all The Mayo Clinic Diet plan is a great diet which allows the dieter freedom to eat when and almost what they want.