Low Carb Diet Plan review

Low Carb Diet Plan For FAST Weight Loss


 low carb diet plan

This is the largest group of diets. Low carb diet plan is very popular because they help those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and quickly give a visible effect. low carb diet plan is a popular diet among most woman.  

If you are looking to lose weight faster than you normally would, then a low carb diet plan, especially combined with low to moderate intensity exercise is right for you.  Many people choose to lead a low carb lifestyle due to other reasons, these include regulation of diabetes, to control your insulin blood sugar levels not only in diabetic people but also in acne sufferers as foods low in carbs have a low glycemic index which in turn helps to maintain the hormonal insulin levels.  So not only does a diet that is low in carbohydrate help your waistline reduce, it can also help many other diseases and disorders too.

The proposed system is well suited to solve all these problems.  

All diets plans have their own disadvantages.  Some cons of a low carb diet plan are high protein diet would be headaches, low attention span, muscle cramps and loss of energy.  Due to your metabolic rate, when you switch from a low carb diet to a diet high in carbs you may put on weight faster than you would a normal diet.  This doesn’t effect everyone in the same way.  Each and every person has a different bodily makeup and dependent upon your makeup you may experience none to all of these.  

An example of a low-carb diet plan

This is a fairly rigid diet, but it is doable. It begins with days of little food. Your diet will consist of yogurt or soya milk, a total of 1.5-2 liters. In addition, you can drink one glass of any natural juice with pulp with a piece of bread or toast. Such period may be from 1 to 3 days.

Continue alternating protein and vegetable days.  

Protein day
Breakfast (8-9am) tea or coffee with honey sandwich consisting of rye bread with butter or cheese.
Lunch (12-13pm) cup of broth (natural), 100 grams of meat or fish, boiled or roasted, 1 piece of black bread.
Tea time (16-17 pm): milk or tea with honey.
Dinner (19-20pm): 100 grams of meat or 2 eggs, 50 g of cheese and a glass of buttermilk, soya milk or yogurt.
Vegetable Day
Breakfast (8-9 am) 2 oranges, grapefruit or apple.
Lunch (12-13 pm) or vinaigrette salad without potatoes with vegetable oil and a small piece of bread, tomato juice.
Tea time (16-17 pm): 1 banana or dried fruit with cottage cheese.
Dinner (19-20 pm): salad of carrot, beet, and cabbage, a slice of black bread, tea with honey.
These days must be alternated. Duration of the diet – up to 3 weeks. This diet is convenient because eating does not violate the usual routine for most of the day: it is possible to undertake at home in cafes and at work.
Weight loss on this diet is quite sufficient. What is the next step in order to maintain your success? The answer seems to be a continuation of a low carb lifestyle.  One who chooses to enter into a low carb diet plan needs to recognize they are doing so as to maintain a slender figure and not to slack on strenuous exercise regimes.  So before entering into this lifestyle be sure you are doing so for the right reasons or be prepared to face the consequences of weight gain.   
Most dieters give up too easily, not due to hunger pangs, but due to lack of motivation for the monotony of foods.  A low carb diet plan doesn’t have to be samey! There are vast foods that can be eaten throughout this choice of life.  
And yet, the question of uniformity and product selection remains.  There is a special system of low-carbohydrate food, and it is so popular in America that there operates a network of specialty stores and businesses that produce a variety of foods that are low in carbohydrates. In many cookbooks describe products that are recommended for such a diet, and provides recipes for dishes too.   Some of them, indeed, have good taste and can become your signature dishes that have all the chances to please your family and your friends.