Ketosis Diet Plan

Have you ever heard of The Ketogenic Diet Plan before?

The Ketogenic Diet is simple.

It isn’t a crash diet where you have to do one thing or another, drink a shake or stand on your head. It’s a simple scientific fact. In order for your body to kick into Ketosis mode, you need to have the right balance of food going in. This is where the ketosis diet plan comes in.

How is this done?

Let’s think about this rationally. If you were a steam train, you need to feed that steam train the cleanest coal every so often to keep it running at the best of its ability. If that steam train is only getting this coal then this is what that steam train will run off of purely. If you overload that steam train with either too much coal or the wrong coal that train will come to pretty much a complete halt.

So how does this compare to your body?

That steam train is the perfect example of your body, when you eat too much food (in particular carbohydrates) your body will start storing it as fat as it’s overloaded with the wrong stuff. Your body and metabolism will become sluggish and stand still.

However, if you were to eat clean, lean protein and the like, your body will become that steam train raring to go. You need to eat little and often to be at the best, just like that steam train, feed it with the right stuff a little at a time and its performance will be at the best it can be. Overload it with too much at once and the flames will go out and will come to a slow grinding halt.


Ketosis is the process that your body burns its own fuel instead of burning fuel that you supply it (carbohydrates). If you were to eat too little your body will store the fat’s, if you were to eat too much, the fuel that hasn’t been used for energy will turn into fat. The ketosis diet plan will help you with this.
So in simple terms the ketosis diet plan allows you to enter ketosis mode. This way the body instead of using fuel (food) you supply it with, your body will burn your current fat stores for energy instead. The Ketosis Diet plan is easy to follow.

I want to do the Ketosis Diet Plan

Ketosis Diet Plan

So where do you start with the Ketosis Diet Plan?

If you currently have a diet saturated with refined carbohydrates then this will be the first thing that needs to change. You will need to start to train your body into eating cleaner. By eating cleaner, you will notice a difference within the first few days. As you eat more protein and fewer carbohydrates all the water retention that you have held will come out. This will make you see yourself noticeably slimmer, due to all the bloatedness going away.

Of course, just with any diet plan, you should seek medical advice before undergoing such a diet.

What is the correct Ratio for Ketosis Diet Plan to work?

In order for the body to enter into Ketosis and stay in ketosis you should be aiming to eat;
• FATS – 70%
• PROTEINS – 20%
• CARBS – 10%

Side Effects

However with this comes side effects, be sure to drink plenty of water in order to rehydrate yourself regularly. Tiredness and mood swings may also be present for the first few days whilst your body goes through the change.

When you eat carbohydrates your blood sugar glucose levels in your body will spike, thus making you get hunger pangs, causing you to graze. However, when you are on the ketosis Diet Plan your body stays the same throughout, thus making your blood sugar levels steady and no hunger pangs. There will also be a noticeable difference in your energy levels after your body hits ketosis mode. When on carbohydrates you still feel fatigued, when on protein you will feel fighting fit.

What can I eat on the Ketosis Diet Plan?

Obviously, on the Ketosis Diet Plan we are cutting out pretty much all carbs and replacing with protein and fats, you can eat your bacon and fry your eggs in scummy butter, but do try and eat healthy fats instead.

When we say pretty much all carbs, we mean all the bad ones anyway that’s for sure. You can still eat unrefined good carbs, brown wholegrain etc. Not one person’s human biology is the same, so it would be impossible to say how many carbohydrates you can consume without your body kicking you out of Ketosis mode.

This is where your experiment comes in.
• Try cutting out mainly all carbs for a certain amount of time
• Add 5 grams of carbs each time for that same period of time.
• Until your fat burning slows down, you can assume you can eat that number of carbs per day and still maintain your ketosis fat burn mode.

Ketosis Diet Plan for 5 Days

2 Large eggs – (made into omelet)
Generous serving of cheese
1 rasher of bacon
Pork scratchings
Avocado and chorizo salad
Half an Avocado
Grilled Salmon
Side salad
Steamed Cauliflower
Celery sticks and Humours

2 large eggs scrambled with butter
2 slices of gammon
Half of a medium tomato grilled
Handful of almonds
Gammon steak with fried egg and cheese
Handful of cashews
Baked chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese, wrapped in parma ham
Side salad with dressing
Beef Jerky

1 whole tomato cut in half and grilled – topped with mozzarella and pancetta
Cucumber thickly sliced with tuna mayo
Smoked haddock with parsley butter sauce and green beans
Cottage cheese
Turkey curry with konjac zero carb rice
Carrot sticks with garlic dip

Flat mushroom filled with cheese and onion
2 Babybell cheese rounds
Ham, cheese, and lettuce wrap
Tin of Tuna
Goats cheese and red pepper with onion frittata
Low Carb yogurt

Cheese and onion omelet
Cucumber, lettuce, onion and tomato salad with lemon and cilantro dressing
Half an Avocado with Tuna to dip
Skin on chicken breast with curried cauliflower and spinach
Turkey, onion, pepper and halloumi kebab skewer

As you can see the above 5-day ketosis diet plan looks like a lot of eating. However for the ketosis diet plan to work to the best of its ability you must eat little and often, so little portions for about 5-6 times per day.
So there you have it. Above is all the details you need to know in order for you to implement and be successful with the ketosis diet plan. Check the video below for more info