Juice Plus Diet

juice plus diet

Let’s talk about the Juice Plus Diet!

We have all heard more and more people talking about the juice plus diet, but we have no idea what they are all raving about. Losing weight is great as long as you gradually lose it and it is cost effective. Some people don’t care how much they spend on diet products, but not all of us can afford to splash out on the latest diet pills or shakes to help us look and feel great.


Where Did It All Start?

The Juice Plus diet first landed on our plates in 1993, a long time ago huh? So why is it only now we are hearing about its ever growing popularity? Backed by OJ Simpson the NSA (National Safety Associates) were have said to have made $6 million a month in the first year! The Juice Plus Diet is the “NSA’s first nutritional product”. Some may be weary of this, however, it has been a big hit for everyone who has undertaken the program.


Why Is The Juice Plus Diet Such A Big Hit?

The Juice Plus Diet is such a big hit these days due to the fact more and more people are wanting to lead a healthy and natural balanced diet, not only to help them lose weight but to help them live a healthier and happier life. The main ingredients consumed within the Juice Plus Program are fruits, vegetables and added vitamins and wholehearted nutrients. The founders of the juice plus products claim that following the program can reduce levels of stress, improve cardiovascular fitness as well as reaping the benefits of a healthier immune system due to all the goodness being consumed, as well as clearer skin and obviously not forgetting the weight loss too. The appeal of this diet is that you can do it on the go, busy moms and people who just don’t seem to stop can take their shakes anywhere they go.


What is Involved In The Juice Plus Diet?

Once you order and pay for your Juice Plus Products, they send you out a detox plan which you need to follow before starting your Juice Plus Shakes etc. The detox will rid your body of any nasty toxins and will help flush out your system and help you lose a couple of pounds to get you on your way.

A typical Juice Plus diet would be as follows, (for the first 8 weeks)

2 Shakes and 1 meal


  • Juice Plus shake (made with almond or coconut milk) + fresh or frozen fruit


  • Fruit or Raw veggies and hummus for dipping (plenty of protein)


  • Salad or juice plus shake with almond milk and handful of berries


  • Fruit or Raw veg or rice cakes


  • Brown rice, steamed chicken, and vegetables.


Alternatively, have the meal for your lunch and take a shake for dinner, this way it balances out the day and you won’t feel the need to overindulge at dinner time.

Along with your shakes and plan, you will need to do some exercise. Of course, any diet is based upon calories in versus calories out, therefore the more you exercise, the more weight loss you are more than likely to see and the more toned you will appear.


What Do I Get and How Much Will It Cost?

When signing up for the Juice Plus Diet Program you will pay for shakes, the shakes come in vanilla or chocolate flavor, you can order 2 pouches of each or 4 of one, entirely up to what you so desire. You can even make your shakes up with half and half of each flavor.

The cost to buy the shakes is rather great at only $30.75 a month in the shipment you receive 60 servings, that’s a mere 51 cents a shake! You could never buy a healthy meal for that price, think of it like this, a chocolate bar or a can of soda will cost you more than double this price in the current climate! I would say it’s a bargain.

Along with your shakes, you can also take juice plus tabs or gummies, if you think you can’t handle your sweet tooth then you can also buy juice plus crispy bars, only 2 squares are allowed though to satisfy your craving. So either stick to the 2 or don’t bother at all!


How Do I Know If The Juice Plus Will Be Right For Me?

Simple, do you want to lose weight? The juice Plus Diet is very effective for weight loss and not only this, the health benefits are great too due to all the nutrient-packed fruit and vegetables. Not only is it an effective diet, but it is also very cost effective, not much food on your shopping list. Go on try it, what have you got to lose. Apart from the weight!


Is There Any Side Effects?

Studies show that there have been no proven side effects to this diet, all positives due to the low carbs, sugar and high vitamins and nutritional values.


What Should I Avoid?

Just like every diet comes with a forbidden list, this one does too. Namely, bread, pasta, alcohol, sugar, sweets, cakes and confectionery, caffeine and soda.