Jenny Craig Diet

Jenny Craig Diet Review

 jenny craig diet

The Jenny Craig Diet is a popular diet across the world. Dieters everywhere swear by it. So what’s so special and effective about the Jenny Craig approach?

The Jenny Craig diet plan was brought to the world in 1983 by Jenny Craig herself and her husband Sidney Craig. There was a minority of people who had heard of the Jenny Craig Diet back then, now it is a minority of people who haven’t heard of the ever growing popular diet plan.

Eating Regime

The eating regime has had many celebrity followers including celebrity endorsements with the likes of superstar Mariah Carey, Monica Lewinsky was the spokesperson for the regime in the Millennium. The most recent celebrity endorser that most of us know is Mel B otherwise known to us as Scary Spice from the girl pop group The Spice Girls.

Calorie Controlled Diet

The Jenny Craig Diet is a calorie controlled diet. The diet is based upon you eating these pre-made meals that you either pick up form special Jenny Craig Centers or get delivered directly to your door. The good thing about this diet is that there is no need to pre-plan all your meals for the week, all you need to rely on is getting your meals picked up or delivered. The bad thing about this is it will cost you more in the long run having your food this way rather than fresh home cooking. Not to mention not being able to eat out regularly.

So What’s Good About The Diet

The good thing about this diet is that whether you are male, female or suffer from diabetes, there will be a plan that is made just for you. You will meet your Jenny Craig consultant each week, this can be face to face or it can also be over the phone. The consultant will give you your very own tailor made plan to fit into your busy schedule. Whether you are a workout fanatic or you simply don’t have enough time to cook Jenny Craig will have something for you. Whilst at your weekly consultation, you will be given a workout plan to try and achieve also. Depending upon fitness level and commitment, you will be aiming for at least 30 minutes of working out through 5 days out of 7. Not only have you got your consultant to turn to whilst on your diet, you will also have your handy online tools and resources.

Diet Plan

This diet plan says you can drop up to 2 lbs weekly. Not only does Jenny Craig limit the calorie intake, but it also shrinks portion sizes too. Along with all these pre-packaged meals you may take fresh fruit and vegetables to supplement them and bulk them out slightly. The Jenny Craig Diet also believes in a volumetrics approach. The Volumetrics diet is where you eat foods that are going to satiate you but take up as little calories from your allowance as possible. So basically we look at food density, we have 2 food types and they both have the same calories, naturally, you would choose the one that would fill you up more as it makes more sense.

The beauty of the diet is that there is no set time limit to lose the weight, you take it at your own pace, be it 1 year or over you decide. In your initial weight loss days, you will be eating 4 times a day, this consists of 3 pre-made meals plus a snack and also your fruit and veg.

At the halfway point, you will eat your home-cooked meals again. Well only for 2 days out of the 7 you will where you gradually start adding more calories to your diet.

The diet also allows you to treat yourself in a sense, it gives you 250 kcal in case you want to eat out at the weekend or something, if you go over your extra 250 calories then all you have to do is a little bit of exercise to burn them off.

The Downside

The only real downside to the diet I would say is the cost. The initial join up fee is $99 and thereafter it is $19.99 per month plus the cost of all your food plus delivery fees if you are doing it at home, it is far from cost effective, however as a diet as a whole it does work due to calorie control.

 Any diet that is calorie controlled properly should work. In order for you to lose 1lb of body fat you need to have a calorie deficit of 3500 calories per week. The Jenny Craig Diet cuts back on calories and portion sizes so it allows you to eat less but more regularly. The positive of this diet is that unlike most diets such as the Atkins this one doesn’t cut out any food groups what so ever, it takes a balance from each section.

The diet works so well due to the meals being pre made for you, there is no need to go to the supermarket and pick up unwanted goods along with things for dinner, all you need to do is get down to the Jenny Craig centre and pick up your ready made meals.

This particular diet plan is been scientifically proven to reduce heart disease and heart failure along with reduced risk of diabetes type 2.

All the components of the eating plan stays within the Governmental regulations. Within each day all your Jenny Craig meals should consist of around 50-60% of non starchy unrefined carbs, 30% lean protein and around 20-30% fat too.

All in all the Jenny Craig diet does help people lose weight healthily and easily, the major problem for most would be finding the money to fund it.