Insanity The Asylum Review

What is Insanity The Asylum

Insanity asylum workout video was created by Shaun T. He created this so that people can have a slender toned body within 30 days.

This workout is not for the faint hearted

Insanity asylum is a step up from the original Shaun T insanity workout. So here is Insanity Asylum Review.

What is involved in Insanity The Asylum DVD?

Whilst doing the insanity workout regime, you need to remember and follow the diet and workout plans. Whilst doing your 30 day insanity asylum workout you will be doing it along with the DVD.

What you will begin to notice when doing the Shaun T workout is that;


• He doesn’t use any additional weights or exercise equipment bar your ladder and resistance band.
• The only additional tool you will need is your body. Your body will be your own set of weights and its own resistance in order to be successful with this.
• Insanity The Asylum uses the concept of Max interval training. It’s a sports specific conditioning and cross training program.

What is the difference from Insanity Workout to Insanity The Asylum workout DVD?

Clearly the main obvious difference between the two workouts is;

• Is a 60 day workout
• You are Max Interval Training but can still take short breaks
• Most people after a little training can master the moves or the modifications
• Hones in on Cardio
• Focal point in full body conditioning
Insanity Asylum Workout;

As if the term Insanity isn’t off putting enough but Insanity Asylum! Yikes! This sounds even tougher and terrifying. The key differences between Insanity workout and The Insanity Asylum Workout is;

• Only lasts 30 days (half of what Insanity does)
• As well as Max Interval Training you are doing drills for progression
• The addition of equipment ( ladder, rope and bands for resistance)
• A different eating plan
• More of the exercises in Asylum are compound
• Work more than one group of muscles at one time
• Less cardio (cardo is your rest in Asylum)

What can you look forward to?

As the days draw to a close and as the 30 days of intense workout draw in you will begin to see your body shape changing. Not only can you start to see your figure changing, but you can also look forward to feeling much more fit too. Not only that, but insanity asylum is only 30 days long, your pain will be over quicker than the insanity workout.

When will you see Results?

Depending upon how hard you work throughout Shaun T’s insanity The Asylum workout will depend on how much you will actually achieve. Some people who are doing the insanity DVD workout will see results within the first week of doing it. However it may take a little longer to see results in others.

Who will be able to complete it?

Not everyone will be able to complete this insanity asylum review workout.
Like I said earlier this one is;

• Not for the faint hearted.
• Not everyone will be suitable for this exercise regime.
• If you have a bad heart then I would advise not to undertake this workout.
• If you have a bad back then you cannot participate either.
• You can forget about the insanity asylum workout if you can’t do basic exercise. It sounds harsh but it isn’t far from the truth at all
• If you have any joint problems, it will aggravate it and may make it worse rather than strengthen the joint.

If you are thinking of doing Insanity Asylum workout then make sure you have sheer dedication to complete it. What is the point in giving up half way through the regime?

What do you need to complete it?

First things first;

• you will need to bring yourself. Not only will you need to bring yourself, but you will need to bring yourself in the right mindset, there is no point in going to start your intense workout either hungover or with an “I can’t be bothered attitude.”

You want to try and achieve the most you can from each session;

• Bring a large towel to wipe yourself down, trust me you will need it, they didn’t just make up the term “sweating buckets.”
• Bring some ice cold water for you to sip on.
• I would try and wear shorts and a light top along with your trainers.
• Finally you will need your ladder and jump rope along with resistance bands when you come to the appropriate section. You can also use chin up bar if you wish, but it is not necessary.

Does Insanity Asylum really work?

Yes! Short and simple! That’s why I did this insanity asylum review.

How much will I lose?

Obviously not everyone will burn the same amount of calories or expel the same amount of sweat. It will depend on;

• How hard you push yourself
• Your basal metabolic rate
• Your weight
• Along with your fitness level

Everyone will have different results, some people may only see 10lbs of weight loss, however you have gained muscle and you have dropped a heck of a lot of inches. What’s not to love?Insanity The Asylum

  • So what’s the diet going to be like?
  • In order to achieve great results with your workout try and;
  • Eat 5 nutritionally balanced meals a day.
  • Spread calories throughout the day, don’t bulk eat late at night
  • Eat wholegrain carbs if any. White refined carbs have a high glycemic index, meaning it will spike your blood sugars.
  • Eat lean proteins
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Remember natural fats such as omega 3 are good for you
  • Take your supplements for workout recovery

Dependent upon body-weight your calorie intake will be :

150 lbs or less = 1500 kcal per day = 5x 300 kcal meals

150 lbs-200 lbs = 1800 kcal per day = 1x 500 1×400 3×33 kcal meals

200 lbs or more = 2100 kcal = 1×500 1×400 4×300 kcal meals

Try and interchange your meals everyday. Make sure that you have a lean protein in your meal to fill you up, try and limit your carbs and starch to 3 times per week. Try and not eat any carbs late on in the day, I would say have eaten your carbs by mid day.

So there we have it, the insanity the asylum review. I think both Shaun T’s Insanity and Insanity The Asylum workouts are brilliant. If you are a first timer to one of Shaun T’s intense yet worthy workouts I would start off with Insanity and then if you think you are up for the challenge then move on to Insanity The Asylum. Remember it isn’t for the faint hearted

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