Green Tea Weight Loss

Green Tea Weight Loss Review

 Green Tea Weight Loss

Haven’t we all heard of those miracle slimming drinks, coffee was meant to be on the list of weight loss due to its caffeine content. Kick starting your metabolism leaving you with a much slender figure.  That is the claims of Green Tea Weight Loss.  Green tea weight loss has been somewhat of a myth for many years now.


Has anyone ever conducted and proved any scientific research on a human as to the slimming effects of green tea?  Not to my knowledge they haven’t.  They have done it with small animals and rats, but certainly not humans.  Yes certainly the outcome of these small animals was that it did speed up their metabolism and help toward that slim silhouette. 


If a person who consumed a milky and sugary cup of tea 5 times a day switched to green tea and had green tea weight loss, it wouldn’t be due to the fact that green tea aids with weight loss.  It would merely be the fact that that person has went from consuming 190 calories per day alone on just tea to 0 calories per day on green tea.  So green tea weight loss you could argue still does aid in weight loss due to its 0 calorie nature. 


Let’s say for example a person was to have 5 cups of tea a day with full fat milk and 2 sugars which equates to 67 calories.  This would mean that person has consumed 469 calories in one week.  Not only is 469 calories a week bad on tea alone, it makes it even worse that these in effect are empty calories.  Over a period of one month you will be gaining 1lb of body fat due to your tea drinking alone. It only takes 3500 calories of over eating in order to gain 1lb. So therefore green tea weight loss would be relevant here. 


Not only has green tea got several health benefits, it also has a vast celebrity following. The likes of Victoria Beckham drink it.  Green tea is great for other things than weight loss.  It has so many health benefits to it due to its many antioxidants and flavonoids, it claims to have skin cancer fighting properties too as well as health benefits for the liver, curb heart disease as well as hypertension and diabetes, not to mention many more too.  It has no calories or carbs in it either, so in effect you can drink as much as you please without feeling to guilty about it afterwards.  The other bonus about green tea is that it doesn’t go very well with a biscuit dunked into it.  Therefore you are inclined to have lesser calories again.


Currently there are no known health risks or warnings associated with over consumption of green tea for weight loss.  The only small concern of over consumption would be insomnia due to green tea containing caffeine. There are so many claims for weight loss.  It is supposed to speed up your metabolism.  Some say that green tea is a super food.  It has been used in a wide array of Chinese medicines for years upon years now. 


Green tea is made from the camellia sinensis plant leaves.  The freshest leaves of this plant are steamed in order to produce green tea, black tea and ordinary tea are also made from the same plant, and the only difference is the process in which it is made. Green tea keeps all the nutrients inside the leaves when they are steamed, whereas ordinary tea and black tea are fermented which. In turn makes the leaves lose the nutrients, therefore the only real benefit for drinking them would be for hydration and pleasure.


Therefore all in all the benefits of green tea weight loss outweigh the cons.

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