Fat Burning Exercises

Easy Fat Burning Exercises


We all want to lose fat. There are so many fat burning exercises out there that no one ever knows where to start. Let me tell you about the best fat burning exercises and techniques to whip you into shape.
The beauty of these exercises below is the fact that you do not need to go to the gym and do these nor do you need to buy expensive equipment. All of these can be done in the comfort of your very own home.

In general the best fat burning exercises is cardiovascular exercises especially in the form of;
High intensity interval training otherwise known as HIIT.

• High intensity interval training is where you push yourself to the limits for 60 seconds solid to speed your heart rate up.

• After the 60 seconds you have your so called 90 second rest period. I say so called as you don’t actually rest for these 90 seconds.
• In the minute and a half of “rest” you will be doing low intensity exercises.

Say for example you were sprinting for 60 seconds, you would then go down into a slow to moderate intensity jog for 90 seconds in order to maintain your heart rate. You would do interval training for up-to 30 minutes. If you are just starting out then you should aim for 8-10 minutes of interval sessions.


HIIT is very good for fat burning exercises. The benefits really are scientific facts, just 30 minutes of interval training is;

• More beneficial than 30 minutes jogging on a treadmill
• Prolongs the calorie after burn, meaning the calories will be burning for hours after your session.
• No additional equipment or machines needed
• Carry out HIIT anywhere you so please


What is a Plank?

No Planking is not some fancy camping trip like Glamping. A plank is a core strengthening exercise. There are many benefits to planking such as;

• Strengthens your core muscles
• Improves good posture when standing tall
• Improves balance
• Improves strength
• Improves stability and balance
• Strengthens all your important muscle groups

How To Plank

Planking is one of the more difficult exercises to get just right, in order to make sure you do it properly follow these guidelines;

• Get on your belly flat
• Put your forearms on the floor
• Have your full body and back straight right down to your toes
• Prop yourself up with your forearms and toes
• Tighten your core
• Hold for as long as possible

Can Everyone Plank?

No not everyone can Plank, if you suffer;

• Heart problems
• Bad Back
• Joint problems
• Weak bones

I suggest seeking medical advice beforehand. If at any point when you are Planking, you feel as though your back is aching or there is strain in your spine, stop immediately as you can cause severe injury to yourself.


Another great fat burning exercise would be mountain climbers. Mountain climbers is where you are on all 4s with hands shoulder width apart and then you kick and switch your legs back and forth at a reasonably fast pace.


Why not try out some strength and resistance training.;
• Strength training in the form of heavy lifting or weights
• resistance training in the form of resistance band
Any exercise that is going to build up your muscles in the long run will be a great place to start. Having a bigger muscle mass in your body means that you will burn fat for longer as your body needs to work harder.


Bur-pees are another great exercise to maximize fat burn. Bur-pees take a lot of motivation and stamina. But deliver with the goods. In order to do a burpee successfully you need to;

• Start in an upright standing position
• Drop down into a squat,
• Place your hands on the floor
• Push your legs out and back in
• Jump back up into a standing position and repeat all over again until you have lost all faith.


Jump squats and lunges are great too. Squats and lunges aren’t as hard going and intense as bur-pees but still require motivation at least.
Not only are squats great for fat burning, they are also great to;

• Tone up your thighs
• A super pert toned buttocks

In order to do a jump squat you need to;

• start in a standing position with feet shoulder width apart
• Stretch your arms straight out in front of you
• Bend your knees and go down until you are in an almost seated position
• Jump back up and start again.

As for doing a lunge, you need to bend one knee under and behind you and the other knee bends in front of you and then jump and switch legs.


The all time favorite would be jumping jacks. Jumping jacks will get your heart racing and be sure to heat you up to break a sweat. A jumping jack is where you;

• Start off in an upward position with hands by your sides and then you
• Jump into a star in the air with hands touching above your head
• Then land back in the same position, don’t stop just keep on going!

These are just some of the fat burning exercises. Be sure to try some of these fat burning exercises out and see the great results yourself.


If you struggle to make up a workout regime with a select few fat burning exercises, then why not try a workout DVD that has a pre-made workout regime on it. The likes of Insanity are very good for fat burning exercises as this DVD takes you through high intensity interval training.

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