You Are What You Eat

 Are you really You Are What You Eat?

You are what you eatEveryone loves to eat! and some people say “you are what you eat” Whether it’s your guilty pleasure sitting sprawled across the couch with a duvet and some chocolate or simply eating at fancy restaurants all the time, trouble is people misconstrue pleasure or boredom for hunger.

What to look out for and get the key to success.

Firstly if you feel hungry stop and ask yourself if you are actually hungry or if you are just bored and looking for something to pass some time. If you think you are hungry then stop and drink a glass of ice cold water. Not only will this help fill you up, this will also hydrate you, a lot of people mistaken being dehydrated with hunger.

Whatever you do please don’t skip on your breakfast, although you may think eating next to nothing will help you lose weight, which it may in the short term whilst you stick to doing this, however the second you start to eat anything near normal again your body will go into overdrive and not know what Is happening. Your body will have been preserving your fat stores as you weren’t getting enough calorie intake, but when you start to do so then your body will release all that fat again and you will end up becoming worse off than when you first started out. Not only this, breakfast will leave you feeling full and satisfied at least until lunch.

By skipping meals your body will slow right down, your metabolism will eventually come to a halt. Think of your body like a steam train. You need to fire up the engine here in being your body by feeding it coal or food for your body. Start off your day by feeding it a decent amount of coal in order to get it kick started, once it’s ready to go you must keep on feeding the train coal every few hours, you must feed it little but often. This is the same for your body, you must feed yourself with little portions of food every few hours or so. If you don’t feed the train little but often the train will slow down and eventually come to a halt, on the contrary if you feed your train too much coal there will be an overload and the train won’t move, think of this as your metabolism. If you don’t eat food to fuel your body then your body will automatically store the fat you have in your body already in order to supply it with energy. If you don’t eat little and often then you will slow down, however on the other hand if you eat too much then you will feel extremely sluggish, bloated and lethargic as you can only use up a certain amount of energy at a time.

If you are eating little and often try and make it a healthy choice, try a handful of nuts and or seeds rather than some potato chips.


Be sure to fill up on protein and fiber as it will satiate you.


Try and stay away from carbs after a certain time each day, have the majority of carbs for breakfast so they can be burnt off throughout your day.


If you’re anything like me then you will love your chillies. Chillies are one of they magical foods that help burn fat and help curb your appetite. Yes it’s true, so if you like your food spicy then keep those chillies coming. Chillies are one food type that induces diet related thermogenesis. Studies also show that the more enjoyment you have from your food the more thermogenesis kicks in, so if you really do love your chillies then your sorted.

Another way to help lose weight is to partake in light to moderate exercise before your breakfast. Studies show that this can help you burn up to 50% more fat per minute.



Have you ever thought about swapping the things you love for a less fattening and less calorific equivalent? Why not try swapping your potato chips for that handful of healthy nuts or try swapping that big tub of ice cream for froyo. Frozen yoghurt not only tastes like ice cream, it;s yummy and healthier too.


Why not ditch the pounds by ditching the wheels. Who needs to drive everywhere, why not take a stroll to the shops next time. Not only will you shed some pounds, you will feel fresher from the oxygen you are filling your lungs with.


You need to make sure you don’t go to the shops when you are hungry, you will end up buying everything and anything just to suffice.


Try eating slower, give your food a chance to digest before taking the next bite, give your brain some time to send a signal to your stomach to say it’s full.


Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to keep yourself fully hydrated, try drinking green tea also, this helps with fat burning too. Studies have proven this.


Not only can green tea help with weight burn, but coffee can too! All you caffeine lovers will be pleased to know. Not only can you enjoy your caffeine hit, you can get it and enjoy it knowing you are potentially losing pounds as you drink it.

So remember you can be proud of you are what you eat.

These are just some of the diet tips that can work for you.


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