Diets That Work For Men Or Women Only?

Is there really such a thing as diets that work for men or women only?

Read on to find out more.


diets that work for men or women There are a vast amount of diets that work for men or women out there targeted to all shapes, sizes, ages and gender however is it all based on factual scientific evidence? The answer to this seems to be a short and sweet no! The conclusion of this is simple. Let me explain, not one person in the world is the same, each and every individual has a unique genetic make up.

You may see two females who are of the same heights, build and weigh in at the same amount of pounds. If they were both to undertake an identical diet which consisted of eating the exact same portion sizes at the exact same time by the end of the diet the probability of them still weighing the same would be very slim to none. Why? You ask. This is due to each individuals body, the first female could have a faster metabolism than the second female or the second female could have a smaller body fat percentage. There are a huge number of reasons other than the two mentioned above.So that’s why diets that work for men or women only is a no go.


This is why it is impossible to have a diets that work for men and women only . It is impossible to know how your body will react to each diet.

Men tend to lose weight faster than woman, no matter how hard a woman works at her diet, the man will probably lose weight faster than the woman. The reasoning behind this is that most men tend to be built larger than woman, it takes more calories and energy to burn food for fuel in a larger body than it does a smaller body. So that is one nil to mankind so far!


Two nil to men now due to the fact that males tend to be built bigger with more muscle than females do. The more muscle you have the more your body will burn effortlessly throughout the day. It Is scientifically proven that for every pound of lean muscle mass you have you will burn around 14 calories a day. Whereas if we do the same for fat it only equates to 2 calories a day for every pound.


That is one more for the guys, not that I am counting, but that makes that three nil now. Males have a lot more testosterone which helps metabolism greatly so this speeds up fat loss. Whereas females have more estrogen which does the complete opposite and stores body fat. Whether you are male or female your genes will play a big part in weight loss and weight retention.


As already mentioned there is no such diets that work for men only or for woman only. However there may be diets that work better for an obese male than a diet that works for a male carrying a few excess pounds. An obese male would benefit greater from any diet than an average sized male would. The more calories an obese male cuts out per day the more he will burn. Due to his size he will burn extra calories if he does light exercise as his body uses even more fuel than an average man’s body.


For example, two males, one obese male and one average sized male. The first male who is obese cuts out 500 calories from his diet plus undertakes a light jog and the average sized man cuts out 800 calories a day and undertakes a light jog also, the obese male would more than likely lose more due to his body requiring more fuel to work his body as it is much larger than the average males.


Diets that work for an obese male will have different results to those who are of lesser weight.

Due to the vast number of diets that work and due to everyone being unique no diet will have the same result for more than one individual. A diet that works for me would be a high protein low carb diet. What people do not understand is that carbs are what makes you fat, as soon as you cut carbs out your diet your body will use your fat stores as its primary source of fuel for energy, thus meaning your fat stores will be used up and you will lose weight. So all in all I would say that high protein and low carbs is the diet that works best for male and female. Not everyone will agree with this. After years of trial and error this is the diet that I have found to be the most sustainable for my personal circumstances.So there you have it really no such diets that work for men and women only, it’s more of a individual thing.

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