Diets that work fast

Diets that work fast for that quick fix

diets that work fast cabbage soup liquid diet grapefruit planWe would all love to be super slender and toned, sadly it isn’t the case. I have lost count how many of these diets that work fast I have now tried and failed. However I am pleased to say there are a select few that do actually work. Let me share these ones with you. Forget wasting your money on that miracle oil to melt your body fat away, here’s a dose of reality Remember these diets that work fast may not be suitable for you in the long term or for your lifestyle. They may also not help you lose as much as they say you are supposed to, it depends how stringent you are with it all.

Firstly, Low Carb Diets

Low Carb Diets are probably the most commonly known diets that work fast. Low Carb Diets work by lowering your carb intake to a level that your body cannot use these carbs for energy, therefore forcing your body to look elsewhere for that much needed energy supply. Therefore your fat store kicks in and your body’s fuel comes from this, meaning your bodys primary energy source is your body fat.


This is where The Atkins Diet kicks in, this is the most popular diets that work fast. Dr Robert Atkins was the founder of this plan. There are 4 distinct phases to the diet. Induction otherwise known as phase 1 is the initiation where your daily allowance of net carbs is 20 grams or less, along with your 4-6 ounces of protein and your 12 grams of green leafy foundation vegetables. Phase 2, on going wight loss (OWL) the phase you can eat more and lose more. Here you will start to introduce 5 grams of net carbs per day per week until weight loss stalls. This is CLL your carbohydrate level for losing. Phase 3 (pre maintenance) – Introduction to more food groups. You should already know your carb tolerance, in this phase you should only have 10 pounds till your goal weight. Phase 4 is life maintenance. I undertook the Atkins diet for 3 solid months and I was strict with it. I started off 13 stone 11lb and went down to 10 stone 11lb. Therefore losing 3 stone.


Juice Diet

Another one of they diets that work fast would be the juicing diet Popular among celebrities. There are so many varieties of this out there. I personally enjoyed doing the 7 day juice diet called “juice master” by Jason Vale. I watched a documentary entitled “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” this was my initial inspiration to try a juice diet.

In order to do the juice diet you need to prepare yourself mentally as you wont be eating food, you will be drinking it all! In order to do this diet you will need some sort of juicer and blender. I found this diet a little on the expensive side due to all the fresh fruit and veg that needs juiced, but it really does cleanse you out good. The great thing about this diet is it is packed with nutrients, therefore you will be glowing with all the vitamins and antioxidants. In order to follow this diet you will need to purchase his book, it gives you step by step juicing recipes for each day. I highly recommend this diet as it is very healthy inside and out. I lost 9 pounds in the 7 days from this.

Volumetrics Diet

This is one that is based purely on food basics! This diet makes sense, you take food with the same amount of calories and eat the one that is less dense! Basically eating lots of food that fills you up for the same amount of calories. Say we had a sandwich at 600 calories and we had a roast chicken dinner for the same amount. You would eat the full dinner as it will fill you up more. This way we utilize the foods we have without adding any extra pounds on. Eat more low energy dense foods and feel full up for longer.

Cabbage Soup Diet/ Cabbage Diet

The cabbage soup diet is also one of the diets that work fast for sure. You follow this plan for 7 days. The diet consists of you eating a low calorie cabbage soup for 7 days along with some foods on these days too. For example one day you will be allowed fruit and the next you will be allowed vegetables. So along with cabbage soup you can have a restricted food list too for each day. This diet really cleanses out your system due to the high fiber content. They say you can lose 10 pounds in the 7 days.

Grapefruit/Hollywood Diet

This one has been around for a long time now, popular among A list Celebs! Definitely part of the diets that work fast category. The concept of this one is you eat a very low calorie diet for 12 days plus grapefruits. It is said that the grapefruits have fat burning qualities in them and eaten together with higher fat content food helps to burn body fat. This is also a low carb diet. You will follow this diet for 10-12 days ans then have 2 days rest.

These are just a few of the diets that work fast.

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