The Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge Diet – Sole Source Stage 1

the cambridge diet

So what is the Cambridge Diet Plan and does it actually work? Is it a crash diet that will make you pile back on all the pounds you have just lost?

The Cambridge Diet  is a diet that you need to subscribe to in order to see the real effects of it. They get you to sign up in order to get a personal diet consultant who apparently will be very useful in your dark days of the diet. Those days that you feel like giving up or over indulging in a quick fix sugar rush, with a huge red velvet cake and a chocolate bar! They will be the ones you are in regular contact with to help you stay motivated and keep you on that weight loss track, headed right to your goal.


The diet plan does really work if you can stick to it. It certainly is not a crash diet, but you will see the results soon enough.


So what is involved I hear you say? The Cambridge Diet is one in which you take in different stages. Which stage you start the diet plan on will be dependent upon your current weight and your desired goal weight.


Entering the diet in Stage 1 which is known as sole source you will have a calorie intake of around/ at least 400 calories per day. This may be a drastic change for many people, nowadays most eat more than 400 calories in one meal let alone 3!! Yes you will feel hungry for the first few days, maybe even the first week, but in order for your body to adapt to the changes you must stick to this recommendation. Drinking plenty of water everyday will help stop your hunger pangs on The Cambridge Diet. The sole source stage kick starts your diet off by limiting your intake of carbohydrates. This Is so that your body goes from initially burning the food you eat to the fat stores that are already in your body for energy. This process is known as Ketosis. This also is the key principal to many other diets such as The Atkins Diet Plan. If you are feeling lethargic, nausea s or you are feeling sluggish and have headaches, don’t give up, you may experience these symptoms until you’re body is in ketosis.


In stage 1 of The Cambridge Diet sole source you are not allowed to eat anything you want, you must take the special Cambridge Diet products. Within a day you are allowed 3 of the diet shakes or you may have the diet porridge or soups, if you take a bar then take the other 2 meals as a shake or drink even more water. You are advised to drink plenty of water, if you don’t like water, they do a great summer berry flavoring that you can mix into your water so that it tastes nice! You may also drink black tea or coffee and you may also drink herbal tea. Alcoholic beverages along with soda (even if it is diet soda) are all out of the question I’m afraid!!!


Your Cambridge Consultant may even put you into what is known as sole source +. Sole Source + is the exact same as stage 1 Sole Source, however the only change is you may have an additional 200 kcal meal or you may have 200ml skimmed cows milk. The catch is you must eat you 200kcal meal from a list of allowable foods. Personally I prefer the Sole Source + due to the fact you can sit down to a small meal at the end of the day, which will motivate you to stick to the diet more than what 3 small shakes would.


In order to see the effects of the Sole Source stage whether it be Sole Source or Sole Source + you must at least stick to the diet for at least 1 week, but it must be to the letter or you may not see the desired results. The Cambridge Diet guide recommends that you do not exceed 3 months/12 weeks on Sole Source stage.


Although you have to buy the Cambridge Diet products in order to do the Cambridge Diet plan, it really doesn’t cost that much. When you think about how much you waste on takeaways and junk food every month then you soon start to realise that this is well worth the money. Plus the fact that you don’t have to buy all the ingredients to make the meals you normally eat, you will basically just be taking these Cambridge Diet Products, if you are doing the 800 calorie option then your food spend will be very minimal anyway.


Once you move onto the next stage you may start introducing solid foods. Hooray!


The Cambridge Diet Plan is a good weight loss programme, But like all diets however, if you do start to eat the way you used to eat, then of course you will pile back on the pounds and fast!