The Atkins diet


The Atkins Diet Phase

 the Atkins diet

American cardiologist and physician Dr. Robert Coleman Atkins is the man who is best known for founding the widely known Atkins diet. To this day It has helped over 50 million people including well-known actors as , Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Aniston, Robbie Williams Brad Pitt and many others see significant weight loss results, in the Atkins diet so it is sometimes calledHollywood.”

The key principle of the Atkins diet is to change the bodies main source of energy from burning carbohydrates to burning your fat reserves that already exist within your body. Eating fewer carbohydrates and more protein on the Adkins diet allows your body to kick-start into fat burning mode rather than carb burning mode. Your body will take 3-5 days to get used to this, you may find you lack a little in energy within these days. However once successfully through these days you will feel like you have enough energy to conquer the world, that is why the Atkins diet is one of the diets that work

As well as losing those excess pounds your skin will look and feel better, especially acne sufferers as a low carb diet promotes the hormonal control of acne as most acne patients suffer from having hyperinsulinemia which in turn means increased levels of the hormone of insulin. Therefore undertaking a low carb diet means you will eat foods low in glycemic index which in turn will maintain your insulin level. Therefore not only resulting in a smaller waistline but also resulting in a healthy complexion too.

Typically within the Atkins diet comes four phases, dependent upon personal circumstances, such as how much weight you need to lose or dietary requirements will impact on which phase you chose to enter into.

Each phase is unique and distinctive in its own way. You would enter phase one if you have a bigger weight loss target.

The first phase in Atkins diet is known as the phase of induction, is the most severe and lasts a minimum of two weeks, during which the human body runs “ketosis”, this is the process of fat digestion. During the first phase, you must adhere to the following rules strictly.

The induction phase is the initiation to the Atkins, if you can follow this phase then you will ace the rest. In this phase, people can lose up to 15 pounds in the first 2 weeks. That’s over 1 stone in weight which is remarkable. This is the phase that kick starts your weight loss and transforms your body into that lean mean fat burning machine.

Try and eat at least 3 decent sized meals or 4 or 5 smaller meals per day along with a supplement of fish oil and multivitamins excluding iron. Throughout each phase be sure to keep yourself hydrated, drink plenty of water, diet soda is allowed on the Atkins diet in moderation too, as well as tea and coffee. Try and take soya milk in teas and coffees in place of cow or goat milk as it has fewer NET Carbs in it. In phase 1 alcohol is strictly forbidden for the first 2 weeks.

Within induction otherwise known as phase 1 you must only eat 20 grams of NET Carbs per day. In which 12-15 grams should come from foundation vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, Zucchini, eggplant, bok choy, alfalfa sprouts, water chestnut, pumpkin, iceberg lettuce, cucumber and much more alike. You should try to eat 4-6 ounces of protein per meal per day also, your protein can be all meats, fish, fowl and shellfish and eggs. On Atkins diet, there is no need to trim any fat or skin from any of these. Although these foods are on the acceptable food list for this phase, be sure to limit each one as the foundation vegetables still contain carbohydrates and too much protein is not good for you. Check out the acceptable food list here

How long you choose to stay in phase 1 is entirely up to you. If you are aiming to lose weight a little quicker then this is the phase you should initially enter into and stay in for a while.

Phase 2-  Otherwise known as OWL – ongoing weight loss. This is the phase where you eat more foods and lose more weight.

During the second phase, you should gradually increase the daily amount of carbohydrates that are consumed on a daily basis and closely monitor the dynamics of weight change. If the weight continues to drop, then you can increase the number of carbohydrates in the Atkins diet, aim to increase it by 5 grams of NET Carbs daily per week. This is you finding out what is known as your carbohydrate level for losing, otherwise known as CLL. If however your weight stalls whilst doing this or your weight increases then you should decrease you NET Carb intake by 5 grams.

Whilst in phase 2 as well as gradually phasing in 5 grams of NET Carbs daily per week you can gradually introduce new foods from the acceptable foods list, these include nuts, berries, and yogurt. This will give you, even more, variety within your diet and reinvent it for you. How long you choose to stay in this phase is entirely down to personal preference. Your main objective for this phase is to test your body in seeing how much carb intake you can have before your weight-loss stops. Be sure to check acceptable foods from the list here

Phase 3- This is the pre-maintenance phase. This is where you should be if you have shifted the majority of your weight and you are in reach of your goal. If you are here you should now have 10 pounds to lose, easy? yes! All you need to do is eat more and lose more, here we can gradually add in fruits and legumes to our diet. Here we can afford to add in 10 NET Carbs daily per week. In this phase, your weight loss will not be fast by any means. The slower the pace of your weight loss in this phase the better. You are more likely to keep it off that way as your body thinks it is completely natural. Once again, be sure to check the acceptable foods list for this phase. here

Phase 4- Finally you have reached your goal. This is where you will be in phase 4 of the Atkins diet. Lifetime Maintenance. Lifetime Maintenance is the end of your “dieting“, however, be sure to stick to your CLL – Carbohydrate level for losing otherwise you will gradually start to pile on the pounds again. Don’t think you can sit back and eat sweets and cakes now that all the hard work is done as you need to maintain your low carb lifestyle. Food list here