Activity Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor

The Best Activity Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor

Pros and Cons

Want to know the ins and outs of the latest fitness tech? Read the pros and cons and uses of some of the best Activity Tracker’s with Heart Rate Monitor available to date.

How it used to be:

Remember back in the day when you were sweating it out and trying to always remember how many reps you managed. Tirelessly trying to beat your personal best, but you couldn’t remember what your personal best actually was?

Well gone are those days. The Nation not only wants to exceed their personal best they want to also keep a record of what they done and when they done it. As well as how their body reacted to it physically.
Ingenious Creation

This is where the Activity Tracker was born. Not only can you get an Activity Tracker to track each and every movement you can also buy an activity tracker with heart rate monitors these days.

The beauty of this ingenious technology is that each and every one does something a little different from the other to set the activity trackers with heart rate monitors apart.

Most of these activity trackers nowadays have a heart rate monitor incorporated within. As do most of them come in the form of wearable technology, a beloved wristband for comfort and ease.

So let’s delve deep into the world of activity trackers with heart rate and you can decide which is the best suited to your fitness needs.

Jawbone UP24

Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor jawbone up24

This is great for anyone who is just starting out and wants to track their progress. Yes this review is for activity trackers with heart rate monitors and no The Jawbone UP24 is not an activity tracker with a heart rate monitor. However all of the other perks to this wristband make up for it. If you are looking for something easy to use whilst starting out this one has my vote.

The Jawbone UP24 is the second wristband from this retailer. The stylish and slim wristband comes in a variety of vivid colours to suit any personality.

So there’s no screen or display and it’s not a heart rate monitor. So what can it do?

• Pros

• Stylish

The Jawbone UP24 is a stylish sleek and slim design, you can wear it and most people won’t notice that you are wearing an activity tracker. The variety of colours will make your wrist pop.

• Comfortable and light on the wrist

With its sleek design, the wristband weighs in at a measly 19/22/23 grams, dependent upon size chosen. Super lightweight and comfortable on the wrist (unlike some others) you will probably forget you had it on in the first place.

• Vibrations for alarms

Wake up in the morning feeling refreshed with a silent vibrating alarm, rather than jumping up getting the fright of your life with a screeching bell sound. Not only this, when you have been slacking and relaxing on the couch for too long, the wristband will alert you to this with a vibration.

• Sleep tracker

Make sure you put your wristband on sleep mode before your head hits the pillow. The Jawbone UP24 will track your sleep pattern and will give you averages of how long you tossed and turned and counted sheep for and how long you were in the land of nod.

• Pedometer/ step counter/ Activity Tracker

As with most activity trackers, this feature is a given. Detailed accounts of your activities

• Wireless Syncing/ APP Compatibility

Sync all your data to your tracker. Simply transmit your data through Bluetooth. It couldn’t be any easier than that. Compatible with most Android smart phones and also iPhones.

• Battery

The great thing about this activity tracker is that the battery life lasts for at least 1 full week. To charge it, you unclip the cover at the top and plug into a jack for 1 hour and 20 minutes and voila…ready to go!

• Cons

• No LCD screen/display
• No heart rate monitor
• The App on your phone must be running to sync real time
• Can be running at snail’s pace occasionally

Get the biggest bang for your buck with The Jawbone UP24.


Moving swiftly on to the best activity tracker with heart rate monitor. My personal favourite has got to be without a shadow of a doubt….

Fitbit Charge HR

Activity Tracker fitbit charge hr

The Fitbit Charge HR is my favourite activity tracker with built in heart rate monitor. The stylish design is great for the fashion conscious and the comfort on the wrist is great too.

• Pros

• OLED screen

The Fitbit HR has a great OLED display, although not the biggest display, it still gives you all the information you need. It is clear even in the sunshine. With this screen comes great uses, it gives you all the tracking requirements you need, such as

1. Heart Rate (active and resting)
2. Workout routines
3. Stairs Climbed
4. Calories Burned
5. Sleep tracking
6. Time
7. Steps taken
8. Distance clocked

• Caller ID

The Fitbit HR also has a smart caller ID feature. See who is calling you on the run. Not only this but it tells you the time and can be used as a watch.

• Sleep Function

The sleep function on this is top notch, this like the Jawbone UP24 also has a silent vibrating alarm. However on The Jawbone UP24 you need to set your wristband to sleep mode in order for it to track your sleeping patterns. The Fitbit Charge HR is great, the wristband can monitor this itself, with your resting heart rate and your movement the wristband turns to sleep mode all by its clever little self.

• Smart Phone / PC APP

The Fitbit HR App is one of my favourites. The amount of detail it displays for you is superb. You can log all sorts of things including your food plan on a daily basis as well as uploading your info in order for you to compete with friends and give you that extra bit of fight to get over that last hurdle and come out fighting on top of that leader board.

Not only this, but the App also awards you badges, this makes you feel like you are achieving something each and every time, what a lovely touch.

Along with all of this you get to see your tracked progress with easy to read charts, see at a glance what you do best and when you done it and what needs a little bit of improvement.

All in all top of the board for me would be the Fitbit Charge HR. For the quality of information, you get and how it’s tracked, down to the screen, the comfort and style as well as the completely reasonable price tag.


Fitbit Surge

 Heart Rate Monitor fitbit surge

• Pros

Another fitness tracker with heart rate monitor that is up there on top of the league table for all around usefulness goes to The Fitbit Surge.

The bad thing about this tracker would be the fact that it is slightly pricier and may be out of reach for those on a tight budget who just want simplicity.

So what benefit’s would come from this?

• GPS Tracker

Unlike the other two previously mentioned fitness trackers, The Fitbit Surge comes with a GPS Tracker. This enables the user to track the length travelled, time taken and speed. Also within the GPS mode you can track your heart rate, steps and calories burned. Perfect for those who want to undergo HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The great thing about The Surge is that you don’t need to have your phone in your pocket for the GPS to work.

• Personalise your run

The great feature on The Fitbit Surge is that you can change what type of run you are doing. Interchange between running outdoors to in the gym to laps.

• Cycle Mode

For all you cycling enthusiasts The Surge has incorporated a great cycle mode, this mode provides just as much great detail as run mode.

• Smart-watch?

Not quite a smart-watch, more like a smart activity tracker. As well as tracking all of your activities, you can also see caller ID, missed calls and read text messages. As well as this there is a super cool feature that allows you to see what song you are listening to and by using the physical buttons on the side of the tracker you can even forward to the next tune.

• App

Just like the Fitbit Charge HR the Fitbit Surge has a great App that tracks each activity which is wirelessly synced. You can see at a glance how well you have done on a daily basis as well as weekly and 4 weekly. The graphs let you again see where you have done best.

• Rewards

Receive badges when you reach a certain level. Once again a great motivator.

• Cons



All in all dependent upon what your personal needs are, each activity tracker in it’s own right has it’s own great values. Price point wise and tracker wise, I must say for me The Fitbit Charge HR comes out on top, the activity tracker with heart rate monitor has pretty much got everything down to perfection.

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