8 Hour Diet Review

8 Hour Diet What is it?


8 Hour Diet ReviewThe ever glowingly popular diet craze to help us out in our frantic hour of need is here!  The 8-hour diet.  The 8-hour diet is basically what the name says.  All you need to do is eat every day within an 8 hour period, you can do between 3 and 7 days if you would rather that, however, the fewer days you do the slower your weight loss will be.  So it’s simple really, do it for 7 days a week and you will see the pound drop faster than you could imagine.

What’s the catch?


Theirs always a catch isn’t there? Wait for it……..Nope, their isn’t one here!


Where did it come from?


David Zinczenko author of best seller “Eat This Not That” book and Peter Moore, Editor in Chief of Men’s Health magazine concocted the new diet craze to sweep the Nation.  They believe that like everyone else currently, fasting is the way forward for weight loss.  Fasting can give your metabolism that much needed kick that it so longed for. 


How does it work?


This isn’t called the 8-hour diet for no reason.  Dieters will need to select how many days over seven and in which 8-hour window they would like to eat in.  Basically, dieters can only eat for 8 hours a day, these 8 hours must be one stretch and not 4 in the morning and then 4 at dinner.  For the 16 hours that the dieter isn’t eating, they must be fasting.  You must not consume any foods throughout this period.  You may, however, drink zero calorie refreshments such as water,green tea, coffee or low-sodium chicken or beef broth.  The 16 hour period is where your body will be digesting and processing all your foods and then breaking it all down and turn your body into a fat burning machine. 


How much will I lose?


Everyone who goes on the diet has reported anything from 1lb – 10lb per week.  Dependent upon how many days out of 7 you fast for, when you fast, how active you are and how fast your metabolism is too will all be factored into how much weight you will lose.  No one is the same.  Everyone has a different genetic makeup and someone could lose twice the amount as the next person. 



What can I do?


  • The 8-hour diet is open to what you can eat, the beauty of it is that you chose what you do and don’t want to eat, it doesn’t force you to eat only meat or cut out anything. 
  • The eight-hour diet allows you to eat as many calories as you wish to within that 8-hour time frame. 
  • You can eat carbs and high protein foods, full of good nutrients and fibre that helps fill you up in order to get you through your fasting periods without any hunger pangs or thoughts.


Try and eat unrefined whole grains as they are low glycemic foods, meaning they get processed by your body slowly, which in turn keeps your blood sugar level steady, therefore you won’t feel the need to grab something sugary if your glucose levels spike.


What’s good about this diet?


  • As mentioned before you can eat what you wants on this diet, no calorie or carb restrictions
  • You can eat when you want as long as it’s within your 8-hour stretch
  • You won’t feel the need to snack if your last meal is around 7pm
  • You are more inclined to eat foods that will be healthier and more nutritious in order to fill you up for your 16 fast period
  • You can eat what you want, so the temptation of “that’s not allowed” won’t be there.


What about the downsides?


Of course, there is always a downside to everything!


  • You may overeat within your 8-hour eating allowance due to no calorie restrictions
  • You may eat unhealthy, sugary junk foods within your 8 hours as you are free to eat what you want
  • You may get hungry when you are on your 16 hours fast and can’t eat until you are doing your 8 hours again
  • You may eat more calories than calories that are being expelled through exercise or lack of calories – In order to burn 1lb of body fat you need to cut back 3500 calories a week or 500 a day.  If you aren’t counting your calories then you may overeat on this and won’t lose much at all if anything.


Every diet has their own pros and cons to them, some more than others.  Be sure that a diet like this I suitable for your dietary requirements and lifestyle before thinking about undertaking it