The 4:3 Diet

The 4:3 diet What! You must think I am kidding right? Wrong. The 4:3 diet plan Is as real as you can get. It is part of the fast diet family, its sister being The successful 5:2 diet.

the 4:3 diet

The concept to the 5:2 diet plan was to consume whatever you like in those 5 days in which you are not fasting and in the 2 days in which you are fasting, you limit your calorie intake to just 500 calories for that 24 hour period. This diet was a huge success and everyone who started the diet reported great weight loss goals and also health improved for the vast majority of these people too. The 5:2 diet improves health such as cardiovascular disease, types of cancer and also diabetes.

The 5:2 or fast diet was such a big hit due to the fact you didn’t need to follow some silly regime of eating only green foods one day and red the next. It was pure and simple genius. Indulge in what you would for 5 days and for 2 of they days restrict yourself, this was so easy for most people as they knew if they were finding it difficult, the next day would be a breeze.

So the 4:3 diet otherwise known as the every other day diet, is very similar in concept to the 5:2 diet. Who knows the every other day the 4:3 diet could be the next big hit of 2015. The sheer beauty of these two diets is the fact that your weight loss will be mainly a loss in fat and not a loss in water retention, like most diets out there.


So what does the 4:3 diet plan have to offer and how does it differ from the 5:2 I hear you say? Well, let me tell you all the ins and outs of the 4:3 diet.

If you are thinking about undertaking the 4:3 diet anytime soon, you should sit down and have a think about it, unlike the 5:2 diet which is easy, the 4:3 diet restricts you even more so. On the every other day diet, you are in effect fasting for 3 days out of the 7. If you are eating sugary processed, fatty and refined foods for 4 of they days then your body will be craving essential fatty acids and vitamins that you need to strive. Also if you are eating nonstop junk on these 4 days, then you are defeating the purpose altogether. Yes, you can indulge on these 4 days, but you cannot over indulge. Most people find it hard enough to fast for 3 days, what is the point in fasting for 3 days when you will end up failing anyway?

Eventually on the 4:3 diet plan you will stop feeling so hungry on your fast days as your body will be training itself to use what it already has.


The main differences in the 5:2 and the 4:3 diets would be, obviously one you fast for a day longer, the 4:3 diet suggests not to have your morning grub and leave out breakfast, contrary to all other weight loss gurus. Also the 4:3 diet recommends you jump on the scales on a daily basis. However, this should not be the case as your weight fluctuates so much within one day that you will get disheartened if your weight has either stayed the same or even worse gone up. There are several factors that can cause your weight to fluctuate rapidly, for example, when a female is menstruating, she holds extra water, therefore becoming much more bloated and heavier. For people who do not know much about weight loss, this would be silly to do.

If you are thinking about doing one of these diets, I highly recommend starting with the 5:2 diet for obvious reasoning.


A typical days food for  the 4:3 diet fast day would be;


Lunchsmall portion of soup such as chicken and leek or lentil, with and snack of a little tangerine or similar

DinnerSmall fillet of lean grilled chicken with a side salad, dressed in lemon juice and a little seasoning

SnackFruit or vegetable sticks to gnaw on.


If you would rather skip a snack and have a light breakfast to get you going for the day or skip the snack and lunch and have a bigger breakfast then that is entirely up to you.

All in all the 5:2 diet would probably be better overall as you are most likely to stick to this rather than 3 days of 500 calories.