3 week diet

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The 3 Week Diet! Is it the new Super Diet

Of this year or is it just another cock and bull concept?  Anyone who is willing to try something new or wishing to lose weight fast should definitely give this 3 Week Diet a bash.

So what is it

So what is it that is so great about this Diet then? Well the positives to this diet are that Brian Flatt the founder of the Diet offers a 60 day money back guarantee if the 3 Week Diet doesn’t work for you. What is there not to love? Surely we can trust a sports nutritionist, health coach and personal trainer with a Biology Degree right? Yes right! Moving on the other pros to this great wonder diet is that as well as being able to get your money back if it doesn’t work for you, you can download the 4 manuals within seconds and have all of the information at your fingertips raring to go.

When is a better time to try this than when you can get it on offer at a cut price? With The 3 Week Diet comes 4 key manuals/ phrases or stages! The first stage in being where you will work out your diet plan and get to know what is expected within the 3 Week Diet, all the ins and outs are explained right here for you.  The first manual is the Introduction Manual, you will find out what you have been doing wrong in teh past and it will put it straight for you. The Science behind the 3 Week diet will be explained to you here. Within the Introduction Manual you will find out what supplementary Vitamins etc.. you will need to obtain in order to carry out this diet correctly and successfully.

The Stage

The next stage is the Diet Manual, pretty straight forward and self explanatory. The secret to this diet is not a generic plan for all, it is measured and tailored to suit you and your specific needs, along with your body shape, type and size. Within this stage you will discover what you have been eating previously that you have to steer well clear of now.

Thirdly is the Workout Manual. Don’t panic, this workout is tailored from a couch potato to a cardio bunny. You do not need to be hitting the gym and pounding the weights or running a marathon on the treadmill to fulfill this section. Their are 2 different types of plans, one for a house workout which you will need to spare 2o minutes for 3-4 days per week or their is the Gym option for the slightly less faint hearted. In this manual is also a guide to the perfect beautiful Abs. The Midsection Miracle Workout has 2 techniques within it in order for you to get your dream Abs showing.

Last but by all means not least is the 4th and final manual which is the Mindset and Motivation Manual. This is also self explanatory. This is where mind comes over matter. You need to break your original habits and form new ones. Any time you feel demotivated have a read at this and it will encourage you to stay focused.

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