3 day diet menu

3-day diet menu

3 day diet menu3-day diet menu must be followed strictly for three days to see weight loss occur. It is also important in the remaining days to eat in moderation, and not try to “compensate”, for the first three days. If you still want to see more weight loss it is advised you come off the diet for 5 days before you start your 3-day diet again.


This low-calorie diet, with a balanced meal plan, is easily tolerated.


1st day:

Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, toast jam;
2nd breakfast: half a grapefruit;
Lunch: 1/2 cans of tuna in its own juice, 1 slice of crusty bread, 4 radishes, cucumber or 2;
Lunch: 100g (wet weight) of chicken without skin and fat, then cooked in a little butter green beans or cooked beets, 1 small loaf of bread. Chicken chopped finely, add 1 teaspoon of soy sauce, stirring constantly, quickly fry in a dry frying pan;
Before bed: 1 green apple.

Day 2:

Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, 1 egg (in any form – boiled, scrambled, in the form of an omelet), 1 slice of bread;
Snack: 1 banana;
Lunch: 1 cup cottage cheese, 4 radishes, dill, 5 crackers;
Lunch: 150g of fish baked in foil, cooked broccoli, 2 grated carrots, 1 crisp bread. Option – you can replace the broccoli carrots + per serving dietary beets;
Before going to bed: Tea with dried apricots or prunes (not more than 10 units).

3rd day:

Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, 5 crackers, 1 slice low-fat cheese.
2nd breakfast: 1 green apple;
Lunch: 1 boiled egg, 1 cucumber (fresh or salty), 4 radishes, 1 slice of bread;
Lunch: 1 can of tuna, boiled beets, stewed cauliflower, 1 small loaf of bread. Option: replace tuna 200 g (wet weight) Chicken, prepared as described above;
Before going to bed: half a small melon or a small apple.


So that’s your 3 day diet menu plan sorted. Good Luck.