2 Weeks In The Fast Lane Diet

2 Weeks In The Fast Lane Diet

two weeks in the fast lane diet

A fortnight to go until we hit that glowing white sandy beach and we are all panicking that we should have started that dreaded diet months ago. How am I supposed to come back with that gorgeous sun-kissed body covered up as I feel too self-conscious to take my clothes off? Well,’ Fiona Kirks’ diet 2 Weeks In The Fast Lane Diet may just help you do this.

2 weeks In The Fast Lane diet is based on extensive research by well known Nutritionist Fiona Kirk. Kirk scrutinized every diet and dieters alike in the hope to come up with a diet that isn’t really a “diet” as such.

2 Weeks In The Fast Lane Diet is more of a lifestyle change than a diet per se. Fiona Kirk came to the conclusion that the majority of dieters who lose weight will regain those pounds within a five year period. She doesn’t believe in crash diets (which although this is a 2-week diet, is not a crash diet).

Based on her knowledge as a Nutritionist Fiona devised a plan that she knows will work.

Nutritionist Kirk swears by her plan. There is no cutting out of any carbs like The Atkins Diet Plan and no deprivation of anything else either. If you fancy a glass of wine or a few squares of chocolate, then by all means. Tuck in!

2 weeks in the fast lane diet promises you can lose between 8 and 12 pounds within the fortnight! That’s nearly a stone! Imagine how good you would look walking down the beach with your shorts or bikini on.

First things first. All diets have some sort of eating plan or scientifically mind-boggling concepts to follow. This diet, in particular, doesn’t deprive you of the foods you love. Nutritionist Kirk explains about fat cells in our bodies, if we shrink these cells through our lifestyle changes then we will see the pounds drop off.

A diet rich in calcium, astaxanthin (pinky color in certain seafood), fermentable carbohydrates and omega 3 fatty acids helps the body to change the cells into the fat burning mode where the body uses the fat stored for energy instead of the food you have just consumed.

In order to shift the weight on the fast lane diet, you need to follow a plan for 2 weeks. After the two week, period is over then you may feel free to continue what you have been doing or adapt it to suit your own lifestyle in order to shed more unwanted flabby parts if you so desire. This diet is nutritionally sound and does not deprive anyone of any goodness.

So for the first fortnight you will need to do as follows:

1)Up until 1130 in the morning consume only fruit, it goes down a lot easier on its lonesome.

2)For your lunch have a big plate of yummy salad and a portion of soup.

3)Try and leave out heavy carbs after 1800 (if you do the physical activity by all means eat good whole hearted carbs).

4)Try and consume the minimum of 3 veggies at tea time or a plate of salad along with your balanced meal.

5)Make sure you eat every few hours, this is very important for fat burn if you aren’t hungry then have a small snack, this stops your blood sugar levels dipping drastically throughout the day and stops you going for that sugary fix to get it back up. Think of a steam train. In order to get the train going you need to feed it lots of coal first, then to keep it going you need to feed it coal every few hours or it will burn out, if you feed it too much the coal will stop burning as you have packed it too much and the train will eventually stop. A steam train is the exact same as FAT BURN!

6)No white carbs, they are full of sugar which turns into fat!

7)Make sure you get half an hours worth of exercise first thing in the day when your fat burn is in its prime.

8)Make sure you are drinking plenty of water every few hours to stay hydrated and to help flush out all the toxins and help with bowel movements. Eating fiber helps your bowel movements, water is just as important.

Have a go at making your own fruit juices and smoothies, It’s easy and fun, you know exactly what is going in them and you can make them as weak, strong and super delicious as you want.

Try this recipe:

In a blender:

Handful of ice cubes
cup of water

Whiz it all up until a lovely deep pink color and enjoy the tasty goodness. You can even freeze it to make a frozen desert, trust me it tastes just as good.